This section of the site has many humorous pages showing not only my skill at cutting pasting but the humour of the Bullitin Board.

100 Signs You Have Been Playing Too Much Demise.
This page is a collection of 100 signs that you have been playing too much Demise. Collected from the Bulletin Board in a post created by Your Humble Narrator.
Gnome Jokes
This page has many jokes about gnomes, some of which may seem to be created by them. These jokes were collected off the Bulletin Board.
Dark Schneider's Gems Some sites have pearls of wisdom from certain posters. This site has flames by the Cult's High Priest. These are some of the best flames on the 'net and are quite funny.
Spanky the Gnome:
SMALL(125kb) ~ LARGE(2.35 megs)
This is a cartoon of a gnome, created by our resident artist and treasurer, Thorn. This was created in retalition to the hate of gnomes and pokemon on the bulletin board.
Spanky the Gnome Episode 2:
This is the second cartoon in the series. This episode boasts more characters and action so fast you will have to watch it again.