DS's Gems

Another site is creating a section called Lok's Gems which has particular pieces of wisdom from this poster. This site has flames by our High Priest Dark Schnieder.

In respnse to miketsmith asking to be paid to beta test the game:

Begin rant.
Dear shithead:
How many times do I have to tell you that no one is going to let you be a tester before you get the message? IF you had any qualifications pertaining to the game itself (have you even played it?), I can name at least a dozen people more qualified. So far as computers in general, I guarantee you Thorgal the Red's expertise far outmatches anything your feeble mind could even pretend to produce.
Besides that, the quickest way to get shot town for testing is to continually ask for it. And asking for pay? For what, you arrogant sack of shit? There's nothing you can do that the rest of us (who have been around MUCH longer) who have been testing cannot do. And we offer our services for free, simply because we are being allowed the PRIVILEGE of playing the SEVEN level beta.
I won't even get into the people testing the full beta, aside from saying that most people PAY THE COMPANY to test full betas. Why? Because it is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.

I hope someone bans you, just to shut you up.
End rant.

He who gets fed up.

Another 'I wanna be a beta tester flame:

Begin rant.
Between this guy and MiketSmith, I am about to go postal. These two are almost as irritating as gnomes. First off, it's not enough that D/A provides nearly 25% of a game he's worked his ass off on for FREE, but these two must bicker over semantics and say seven free levels isn't enough (though Miket was less obvious about this opinion, which is posted on the Pre-Release board.)
Does everything have to be free for you two?
I can only imagine this is a pair of people too young to pay taxes...
That or I'm missing something...when did people start working on games for four years and deal with the biggest morons in the world, and then turn around and give the games away to whiny, snivelling beggars?
Don't you people work?
What gives you the idea the entire game would be free?
Do you have to have everything handed to you?
End of rant.

The anti-parasite wanna-be shadow...just 'cause. (What's next? People are going to want the game for free and come pre-beaten??)

Another miketsmith flame:

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey...
*sighs, shaking head*
Begin rant.
First off, if you are interested in getting into the technology field (like everyone else...as if I'm an exception) you're not going to start fresh out of school and programming video games.
Nope, sorry kiddo. Homey don't play like dat.
One of the first things you're going to have to do is know who you are addressing. VBDesigns no longer exists. It became Artifact Entertainment. The latter REPLACED the former. Next, you're going to have to prove you're more than just talk. This means you either start your own company (with a marketable product or ten) or you go bottom-rung elsewhere. I recommend a tech support job at some place like Sharp or Panasonice or whatever other grossly large electronics and/or computer related megastore exists in your area.
If you do decide to get with your friends and start a company, realize you will need a good chunk of change to do anything. You will need an office, and you will need someone to take calls, (and you'll need a business line for these calls) you will likely need a business card or flier or other form of advertisement to get customers. You will have to provide a unique and innovative product, or a useful service. Computer repair, building custom computers, making a competitive ISP, etc. All of this requires money. We're talking at the very, VERY LEAST $1,000...not couch cushion change.
Second, so far as getting involved on the full beta team for this game, forget it. The full beta team started testing the full beta before you ever were seen posting (by me). You're just a little WAY too late to get involved, especially considering some of the current posters have been around for multiple years and are not on the full beta team. It's nothing personal, but there's nothing you could do to get on this team unless you happen to live next door to DA and BEG him, AFTER proving you have something useful to offer the team. And this would only work if you could make him overlook the fact that you know virtually nothing about the game itself. Lok, Lawrence, Nobody, Firesnook, myself, and several other people are much, MUCH more qualified than you to be testing this game on any level (and I suspect at least one of those people named is on the team).
Furthermore, I have assumed, or will assume (and hope...) that you are a non-native English speaker (if you are: seek help) and as such will not make a big issue out of your spelling. However, if you are serious about working for any sort of respectable company, be prepared to brush up on your English. Companies do look at spelling on applications to a decent extent, and such blatant errors as "latsa", "hew", "compiny", and "miswell", the first and last of which is not even words (not a single ones, anyhow) will set off red flags in the eyes of any potential employer worth being employed by. Consider it friendly advice.
Lastly, if telling it like it is and stating my dislike for leeches are things which make me an asshole, (it's one word, and has no capital letters, much less two, unless it is used as the first word of a sentence) then that is a title I will wear like a badge of honour. Thank you kindly, good sir.
End rant.

The advising wanna-be shadow...just 'cause. (Try saying all THAT in one breath....hell, three.)

Yet another miketsmith flame in response to Jadiza saying that he could be a small child:

Or a poor speller. Lord Dogg is over twice my age, IIRC, and cannot spell for beans. No personal offense, but I'm sure it's not something anyone would argue. My stepfather, 36 years my elder, will be the first to admit he cannot spell his way out of a wet paper bag. This does not have any relation to his age.

Or English is not his native language. Americans seem to have a habit of thinking they are the only people that exist, and that theirs is the only language spoken (or that should be spoken.) However, his name being Mike T. Smith, I'm pretty sure he's American.

Or a moron. The world is full of them. It's quite possibly, and in my opinion, extremely likely that Mike belongs to this group. Considering his logic and ability to throw cuss words, this is where I would place him. If I thought a small child were using such language, I would have yelled at him MORE for being a prime example of why my generation is known as scum.

He who argues.

A usefull flame explaining why gnomes suck:

Lok, I officially dub you.....
High Denouncer for the Cult of the Anti-Gnome.
You deserve this. You can belittle the little'uns even better than me...or at least you can manage to keep it PC. And here at the Cult of the Anti-Gnome, we need a more family-friendly image, so the parents know it's safe for their kid(s) to join in. Sure, we capture, torture, castrate, kill, and abuse gnomes mentally and physically, but htey're GNOMES for the love of Hell.

And to continue your example...if you want another race that's better than gnomes in good and evil, look at dwarves. Yes, dwarves. Sure, dwarves can't be good or evil, but nothing at all is better than the eternal torment you will stagger around with each step echoing the fact that you suck, with such clarity that those around you swear that each step you take whispers "I must realize that no other creature in all creation sucks quite as bad as I do, not even mimes." This is actually impressive, for people to hear these individual steps, as gnomes are usually running from anything and everything (because anything and everything are thugs hired by the mob....no..actually, because anything and everything can whup a gnome's ass.)
On the bright side of life as a gnome, you will never have to make "to-do" lists, as no matter what you do, you will never accomplish anything or be a worthwhile lifeform. You never have to make your bed because no one will ever get in it with you anyhow (unless you are a gnome female who gets a dwarf REAL drunk). You never have to wash yourself because even if you do you will still have a stench of suckiness detected from miles off. You never have to work because everything is better qualified for any position than you ever could be and no possible employer would overlook the fact that as a gnome, you're not to be trusted to do anything right anyhow. People will take pity on you and give you money, knowing you can never earn any yourself.

Being a gnome is like being born armless and legless. You get a free ride through life. At least, as a gnome, you can take comfort in that if nothing else. Even if you are the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

The Anti-Gnome wanna-be shadow...so there. (And the Lord spake, saying, "And lo, mankind, I shall set a plauge upon thee. It shall be known as "Gnome". With it, I grant thee thy saviour, "Dark Schneider". He and his cult are your only hope of surviving this plauge.")

DS belittling the 'gnome lord'

Hey Ego Lord.....might I point out that my Cult has more MEMBERS than you have supporters? We won't even get into my supporters. What stymies me is that you replied to this post, and not the other one (in which I believe I gave the most accurate and humourous assessment of your race ever).
Allow me to further point out that if you are sooooooooooooo great...then why can't you name one thing, outside of charming/charisma (which, I might add, you lack in spades) can you do better than another race? No, being the ass of jokes doesn't count, either. Sorry. Nor does incest. Nor bestiality. Nor necrophilia. Uh uh. It has to be something admirable.

The belitting wanna-be shadow. (As opposed to the Gnomish wanna-be lifeform.)

DS's response to Gold Dragon saying that he liked gnomes, and other things:

I don't need advice from someone with a God complex, thank you. I like challenge plenty. That's why I run naked gnomes down to level seven to get slaughtered. Oh...and the Dragon King just walked in and fried you for your arrogance. Isn't he a great companion?

He who critisizes.

Gold Dragon respnded to this flame and a little flame war was started. Here's DS's response:

My, my...someone's nerve was struck.
Yes, a God complex. It's caused when one's self-esteem is at a (dangerously) low level. The sufferer imagines themselves to be invincible/all-powerful/immortal, etc., or be something that is, to give themselves a positive self-image.

Bragging? Bragging would intimate that there were some form of exaggeration involved, or that I were gloating about the title. Actually, I'm merely stating a fact.

And actually, the purpose is to gather together people who believe Gnomes suck. And by making so many statements on the poorness of Gnomes, I hope to see them mproved a bit. It seems this is working, as the "Gnome Lord" as hinted that Gnomish max dex has been raised.

Huh? I never started name-calling. I said you had a God complex and were arrogant. Those are adjectives, not nouns.

And why would you have apologized? You had nothing to apologize for. All you did is make one ill-informed remark about me enjoying challenges. You don't know me well enough to judge how much I like anything (other than Gnomes).

You have trouble recalling the name of my server? Shit. Maybe I need to put ALL of my signature in bold.
And I could come to your server, should I care to. The IP is easily obtained from IRC, and banning doesn't work in this build.

Then again...I don't care to.

He who laughs last.

Here's DS's response to Ballaza asking to be handed an editor(sorry "trainer") so that he can "learn" the game:

Begin rant.

Listen, ball-less, why don't you just take the time to learn how to play the game? Do you want to admit to the whole Demise world that you suck so terribly bad that you can't get anywhere in the game without cheated gold?

You and I both know that even if someone taught you how to cheat gold or made you a "trainer" of some sort, you'd eventually use all the features, just out of curiousity. Then you'd stroke your ego and make an MP character and go around falunting how mighty you were, and then when you saw we didn't care, you'd go around screwing up our stores by loading them with dragonslayers and vorpal blades.

For that matter, why are they called "trainers"? They don't train you in the game at all. That's what the helplesson and other players do. They should be called "diapers", because what they do is let little babies shit themselves at how much they can screw over other people's enjoyment. I'm left to assume they are called "trainers" so that the worthless "gamers" that use them can feel better about their lack of morals. "Oh, I'm not cheating, I'm just using a TRAINER that helps me learn the game." Bullshit. You people want a real trainer? I'm sure we could get a few people on this board together to make an audio version of the helplesson for those too lazy to read it. Then, at least, you'd actually be learning about the game instead of just screwing with the data.

And what is it in recent years, with gamers, that every game has to have cheats in it? Is this an American thing, a human thing, what? If I am not mistaken, this started with either Mortal Kombat or Doom...popular games with dozens of cheats. Ever since then, it seems every video game on the market has severe cheats usable by the common player. Now I know games all they way back to Nintendo had cheats/codes in them, but not on the scale of recent games. Apparently games are no longer attractive unless the developers include some way to access something that shouldn't happen in normal play.

As anyone who's played Diablo knows, "trainers" run rampant. As a matter of fact, unless you're playing with one of the mods (produced by a group called V&K...which modify the game but also prevent you from playing with un-mod'd players), it's necessary to have a "trainer" to avoid getting PK'd, but practically everyone uses some of the other options available with 99% of them. The V&K group plays on private servers and expels PKers (by telling them they're not welcome and changig the passwords) and so the use of a "trainer" is not necessary. Joining their fun was one of the few things that kept me playing Diablo into 1999.

If you want some help with the game, like advice on how to get more money, we'd be more than happy to help, but I, for one, and many others do not want to aid in cheating, and will not. If you want to learn STRATEGY and HINTs not CHEATING, feel free to play the game as often and in any format you choose. Hell, If you stay legitimate, you can come on my server and I'll personally show you the best gold-dropping monsters and how to get to them.

But if I see you on my server with so much as one suspicious looking gold coin, I will tear you a new asshole and ban you in a second...so sayeth the Reaper.
End rant.