Gnome Spelunking

This is a fun game to play with Gnomes. It's not like they're any good for anything esle.
Oh, yeah, most of this was copied from Outer Circle and Lok.

1 Create a level 1 Gnome in a guild of your choosing. You cannot change the guild now.
2 Go as deep as you can in the dungeon.
3 Do not go back to town.
4 Do not use a legacy character (why would waste tomes or potions on a gnome?) or use another character to clear the way.

1 point You get 1 point for every 5 rooms that you go through. When adding up the sscore the shortest distance to your place of death is choosen and the number of rooms is rounded down.
10 points You die on level 1 or 2. You are an average gnome or a human idiot. You don't even deserve to let your stupid corpse rot.
20 points You die on level 3. Here you go straight down to level 3, meet anything, which pulps your gnomish hide. Congradulations. Join the multitude.
30 points You die on level 4. How the hell did you get so far??
40 points You die on level 5. What happened, did the monsters dine before you arrived?
50 points You die on level 6. Ok, we know you are both a gnome and a liar.
60 points You died on level 7. You are a gnome's gnome. You have achieved the highest honor of becoming a corpse deep where it will be a pain in the ass to get you.
10 point bonus You give your gnome a true name, like GnomesSuck or GnomeBurger.

1 Be good aligned. More peaced monsters.
2 Put everything you have into Charisma at creation (trust me, you won't be trying to kill anything ), the rest in Dexterity, then Wisdom.
3 Set your character to defend and run like hell.