Demise - Required Guild Quests
This is a list of all Required Guild Quests in Demise with the quest descriptions. There are 9 quests for each guild, and are for levels 5 to 100.
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Note: This is an update of the Guild Quest list by Matt Harrison. I basicly re-wrote it but I kept a lot of the code and structure. The original idea belongs to him.
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Artistan Warrior Paladin Ninja Villain Explorer Theif Barbarian
Mage Cleric Sorcerer Warlock

Artistan's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
8 Kill 1 Orc 200 gold
"Hello!" a well-built Artisan introduces himself, "my name is Arnok. I am the Questmaster of the guild. You and I will be doing business as your abilities progress." He shifts himself, "your first task will be to find and defeat an Orc. When you have finished your task, I will reward you with 200 gold pieces." He looks you over, "good luck, newcomer."
20 Return 1 Journeyman's Key 750 gold
Artok walks up to you after your training is complete, his shiny armor catching your attention, "time for another quest... In the depths below, we have placed a key -- called the Journeyman's Key -- for our members who have reached your level to return. It can be found in the area known as the Barracks. Once you've found this item, return it here and I will give you more gold so that you can..." he laughs as he studies your wardrobe, "upgrade..."
31 Kill 1 Twisted Dwarf 1 Tome of Endurace
Just as you try to get out of the training area, you mutter "damn" under your breath as Artok comes towards you, "hey there! Hold up!" He reaches you and puts his arm around you, walking you out, "you're doing a pretty good job -- but there's something special I want you to do next." You look at him, smelling the scent of fresh ale on his breath, "I want you to kill me a twisted dwarf..." He laughs, "god damn, do I hate those little bastards. Eeehehe yaa yaya! Man, it's a mission of mercy to put them out of their misery. Anyway, go down and kill one and I'll give you an item that you'll really appreciate... Think of it as a surprise..." He begins to walk away, and almost stumbles over his own feet, "good luck!"
40 Return 1 Feather Leather Armor 1 Scarab of Protection
You notice that Artok seems to be a little under the weather today as he walks up to you. "Late night," he rubs his head. "Anyway, our research department is in need of some Feather Leather Armor. Bring one back and I'll get you a Scarab of Protection from our item stash..." He walks away, then turns around, "also, don't forget to work more on your thieving skills!"
51 Kill 1 Scyllama 1 tamed Red Dragon
Once again, before you can leave the training room, Artok comes up to you and holds up a bright new shiny sword, "check this puppy out... You know, one day you might actually end up being like me!" he then sheaths the sword, and grins, "I want you to kill a Scyllama. That's it -- pretty plain and simple. When you return after taking care of business, then I'll give you a little pet that I got from the Mage's guild... You won't be disappointed."
64 Return 1 Wyvern 1 Bladed Shield
Artok seems a little more casual than usual, and it appears his wardrobe has changed from all leather to all chain, "this stuff sure is heavier than Leather, but man, does it protect. Just be sure to stay away from water!" he laughs out loud. "Okay, the next task is going to be a lot tougher than the others. I want you to track down and kill a Wyvern. When you do this, and return, I'll give you a shield as reward..." He walks off, "be careful!"
75 Return 1 Aard of Being 1 tamed Goblin Shaman
"Now that you're approaching the final quest, I need you to prove your loyalty by bringing back a very valuable and needed item -- an Aard of Being. Return with one and I'll give you another friend I picked up from the Mage's guild." Artok walks away.
88 Kill 1 Purple Ooze 10,000 gold
You're surprised as Artok walks up to you with blood all over his armor and legs, "damn thieves -- tried to steal from the guild last night. Needless to say, they didn't get away with it..." He looks you over, "not bad -- nice equipment! Looks like you're doing well for yourself." He pauses, "yout next required quest is to kill a Purple Ooze... These suckers are nasty, and can destroy almost any item you have on you, so be careful. You don't want to lose any of that nice stuff..." He grins, "when you return, I'll give you 10,000 gold."
100 Return 1 Air Elemental 1 Adamantite Chain Mail
Artok approaches you and shakes your hand, "I can't believe you made it this far -- very few ever have. This will be your last required quest. Once you've done this job, you will be thought of as a mater member." He puts his hand on the hilt of his sword, "I need you to return with an Air Elemental." He studies your expression and grins, "hey, I never said it would be easy. You need to find a way to charm the thing, or if you think you're charming enough, get one to join you -- and return with it. When you've done that, I'm going to give you a set of the same Adamantite Chain Mail that I'm wearing right now." He puts his hand on your shoulder, "good luck!"
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Warrior's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
6 Kill 1 Giant Owl 1 Iron Sword
As you are about the leave the training area, a voice comes from behind you, "halt!" You turn around to see a huge burly warrior dressed in shiny armor, equipped with every item under the sun. Strapped across his back is a very nasty looking two handed sword. His face has many scars and his eyes are full of fire. "I am Requnix. I will be your questmaster as you progress in the guild. When I assign you a quest, you will come to me when you have completed it and I will relieve you of your assignment, and possibly give you a reward in return. I expect the best from you, and will accept nothing more. Your first task will be to go and kill a Giant Owl. It's simple, but it will give me an idea of how you work. Come back when the task is completed, and I'll give you a newly forged Iron Sword. Return soon." He then turns and leaves the room.
18 Kill 1 Hiksae 800 gold
After training you are assigned to see Requnix. As you enter his office, you are impressed with the many stuffed creatures that he has decorating his walls and floor space. Sitting at a wicked looking desk with many sharp weapons is Requnix, who looks up from his desk as you enter, "I'm glad they sent you to me. I want you to go down and kill a Hiksae. Use your new fighting abilities and rip him to pieces. We loathe the undead, and expect you to kill any that you see on sight. Return swiftly and I will give you your reward."
30 Kill 1 Slave Driver 1 Gloves of Strength
Requnix meets you in the training room, "I met with the Warrior Council and they agree that your next task is to terminate a Slave Driver. We loathe those creatures and their little companions -- kill the driver, and any slaves that you may come across... It will be favor to them anyway. When you return, I'll reward you... Dismissed."
45 Kill 1 Namana 1 Crystal Sword
Requnix looks up from his desk, "It is rumored that this a Namana has been seen in the depths below. This is a new breed of creature and we are interested in its combat capabilies. Go and kill at least one of these creatures and return with information about them. Do not return until you have completed your quest." He goes back to sharpening his sword, "dismissed."
56 Return 1 Statue of Ge'tuk 1 Aard of Being
Requnix gets up from his desk, his armor clanking, and walks up to you. "Some creatures from below have stolen a sacred statue of our master trainer. It is the Statue of Ge'tuk. I want you to go down, find and kill whoever took the statue, and return it to me. I will reward you with an Aard." He then sits down at his desk, "dismissed."
62 Kill 1 Goblin Guard 7,500 gold
Requnix stands up and walks around his office, "As you know, the Warrior's guild has had many problems with the Goblin clan and all of the members of the clan. For this reason, we want to plan on taking out their leader, but we must do it wisely. For our first assault, I want you to go down and kill a Goblin Guard. Keep note of how they fight, and what other types of goblins you seen in the area, and report your findings when you return. I will give you gold in return for your task. Good luck."
75 Return 1 Black Chain Mail 1 tamed Dungeon Pirate
Requnix meets you as you are about to leave the training room. You salute him, and he salutes you back. "I just received word from the research department that they are in need of a cursed suit of chainmail called Black Chain Mail. I informed them that you would be able to return this item without any problems. Find me this item, and return with it, and as reward, I will give you a companion to help you fight in the depths below." He then turns and walks away.
84 Kill 1 Dwarven Lord 1 Adamantite Shield
Requnix actually looks at you with a little respect, "Seeing as you have done as well as you have, we ask that you properly represent our guild by returning to us the Dwarven Lords head on a platter. Please rid the underground of this fiend. Kill the Dwarven Lord, and show no mercy." He puts his hands on the hilt of his sword, "When your task is completed, return and I will give you a shield from my own personal collection." He walks away, and pauses before leaving the room, "be careful."
100 Kill 1 Flame Dragon 1 Conquerer
Requnix looks up from his desk and puts down the large two-handed weapon he was sharpening, "Excellent work on attaining this level of skill. At this point, each of our members are asked to complete a specific task before continuing their training. This task will be for you to kill a Flame Dragon. In return for this quest, you will be given a powerful weapon that you will be able to use to continue your conquest of the depths below." He pauses, "I warn you that this creature is the toughest creature that we assign as a quest. They have killed many warriors, and are not to be taken lightly. Good luck in your deed and return when you have completed the task." He continues to sharpen the beautiful blade, "this will be yours when you return successfully."
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Paladin's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
9 Kill 1 skeleton 1 Bronze Plate Armor
As you are about ready to leave the training facility, a man dressed in radiant armor with a long beard and eyes of fire calls out, "halt there!" He approaches you, "I am to be your required quest master. My name is Johan. First, I want to welcome you to the glorious guild of the Paladin's. From this day forward, we will work together to better you and your abilities. Nobility, Charisma, and Pride are the forces that will drive you to become the leader that you are to be." He studies you, "for your first task, I want you to hunt down and destroy a vile skeleton. Fight with honor and integrity, knowing this creature is spawn of the most disgusting sort... When you have killed the creature return and I will give you an item to help you continue your quest towards the journey of glory."
21 Kill 1 Twisted Dwarf 200 gold
Johan approaches you, standing high, "another task for you, fellow holy warrior. Apparently some Twisted Dwarves from down below have defiled out sacred temple. I want you to hunt these creatures down immediately and kill them. When you have done so, return, and I will give you reward." Johan bows, "god speed."
32 Return 1 Tome of Detachment 1 Potion of Leadership
"Hail!" Johan grabs your attention, "We are in need of one of our holy warriors to retrieve a Tome of Detachment. Several guild members have been afflicted by loathsome cursed items and the council has asked that an honorable person such as yourself aid them in their deed." Johan reaches into his pocket and holds out a vial of liquid, "Upon the return of the item, you will be given this -- one Potion of Leadership."
44 Return 1 Cross of Redemption 1 Crystal Sword
Johan seems more serious that usual, "your next quest is very important to us since it is directly reflected to our belief in the holy god of honor. I want you to find me a Cross of Redemption. We must destroy this vile and cursed cross as it is an abolishment to all that is pure. For your righteous deed, I will give you one Crystal Sword in return. Now, go, and god speed."
51 Kill 1 Red Dragon 8,000 gold
Johan pridefully approaches you, "your accomplishments and abilities have positively reflected on the sacred brotherhood of Paladins. I am proud to serve our god of honor with you." He pauses, "and now I send you on a more dangerous mission than before. I wish you to seek out and destroy a Red Dragon. Killing this creature will show us your true power, courage, and faith in the almighty. For completing this task, I will give you a large sum of gold so that you may spend it as your righteous eyes see fit."
62 Return 1 Holy Beads 1 Aard of Being
Johan bows before you, and smells of flowers, "we are in need of you to recover the Holy Beads. They are a great source of Power for our guild and we believe they have been stolen by some vile Villain or Barbarian. It is very important for us to have them back in our possession." As to mock you, Johan holds out another vial of liquid, "Upon their return we will grant you one Aard of Being." He bows, "god speed."
77 Kill 1 Kaelmeon 1 Cloak of Invisibility
Johan approaches you after your training is complete, "as you know, we are superior to the other guilds. Our peace of mind, path of enlightenment, and clear mental focus of Honor sets us aside from the others. However, since they are not on our level, we must prove it to them another way. I want you to hunt down and kill a Demon known as a Kaelmeon." He pauses and smiles, "slay this demon for the impure creature that it is. Show no mercy since it is, in fact, inferior to us." He begins to walk away, then turns around, "I'll have something for you when you return."
89 Kill 1 Dungeon Pirate 1 tamed Scyllama
Johan sits you down at the table right outside the training room, "Many of our townsfolk have been talking about a band of Dungeon Pirates wreaking havoc at night around the city. Since we are the sworn protectors of all that is good, it is our task to find these creatures and slay them." He stands up, "kill the cursed pirates and return. When you do, I have a surprise for you. God speed, enlightened warrior."
100 Return 1 Wraith 1 Paladin's Helm
Johan walks up to you and shakes your hand, "Congratulations on this outstanding feat. It is not often we have the honor of having a noble warrior such as yourself attain such status in our glorious guild." He looks you over and nods, "But of the ones that do reach this feat, we ask that they complete this final mission to prove themselves worthy of this distinction. Find and return to us one Wraith. Be warned the Wraith can be a very dangerous creature even for one as graciously powerful as yourself. Completion will earn you a Paladin's Helm -- a true symbol of our guild and goodness -- and most importantly -- superiority."
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Ninja's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Footpad 1 Iron Dagger
As you are about to leave the training area, a dark figure appears out of nowhere. Dressed in complete black with two wicked-looking blades strapped across his back, the man speaks very softly, "I am shade. I will be the one who assigns you quests deemed by the council." He walks up to you and studies you, "since you are just beginning, I will give you a simple quest. Kill one footpad. When you have done this, return and I will give you a weapon to practice with." You bow, and when you look up, he is gone.
19 Kill 1 Gredlan Rogue 750 gold
Shade materializes out of nowhere, and speaks softly, "kill me an outcast. Return and I shall reward you with gold." He then disappears back into the shadows.
29 Return 1 Explorer's Guild Floor Plans 1 Aard of being
Shade appears at your side, and speaks softly, "we have a trader among us. They have stolen our plans to infiltrate the Explorers Guild." He takes a breath, "Our spies have reported that the plans never made it to their destination, so they must be in the depths below. Find these plans before the Explorers guild does." He then disappears back into the shadows, "I will reward you in return."
40 Return 1 Disciple 2,000 gold You are startled as Shade speaks from behind you, "you know we have no love for the Mage's guild, or their members, since their incompotence is well-known. However, when they request a favor from us, we oblige. Your favor to us, and then passed to them, will be to return with a Disciple. Bring this creature back and you will be properly rewarded..."
48 Kill 1 Slave Masher 1 Steel Dagger
Shade slides in from the shadows, but with your increased abilities, you were actually able to sense him. "It seems the lowly Journeyman's guild is in need of our services. Their members are having problems with some Slave Mashers and they are asking us to help them with the termination of these creatures." Shade looks you over, "with your increased skills, I am sure you will have no trouble completing this simple task."
60 Return 1 Te-waza of Self infliction 1 Boots of Evading
Shade approaches you, "the council has asked for me to return to them a dark version of our weapons. I pass this mission on to you. Return me one Te-waza of Self-Infliction so that our research team may study the magical curse that wraps itself around this weapon so we may better understand it." He pauses, "you will be rewarded."
75 Return 1 Daemon 9,000 gold
You watch as Shade approaches out of the shadows, "though we have no love for them, the Paladin's guild has asked for our help in returning with a demon their other members are having problems returning with. Since we are more competent than their members, we have accepted the task. Bring me back one Daemon. Alive. You will in return recieve the reward which they offer."
88 Return 1 Aard of Being 1 tamed Silver Dragon
Shade approaches you, "due to the number of members apprenticing with the guild, our stock of Aards is getting low. I need you to return one Aard of Being for use as rewards to our guild members." He looks you over, "since I ask of you to return a very important and sought after item, in return, I will give you a companion of mine which has served me well."
100 Return 1 Ravager 1 Te-Waza of Demise
Shade greets you after your training is completed, "it is now time for your final task. Very few have finished this requirement, but I have complete faith that you will succeed." He pauses, "I wish you to find me the Warrior blade known as Ravager. We are in need of one for study and wish to discover what type of metal it is made from. When you have found this item, return here with it and I will give you a weapon for our type in return.".
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Villian's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
5 Kill 1 Slave 250 gold
As you are about to leave the training area, a middle-aged woman approaches you. Dressed in leather armor, and carrying an assortment of weapons, many strapped at her side and one large sword on her back, you immediately know that she is nobody to be trifled with. "You..." She stops and stares, "yes, YOU -- are you both deaf and dumb? Who the hell else would I be talking to?" She rolls her eyes at your response, "I am Maxx -- those idiots on the council assigned me to you as council quest courrier. First off, I don't like you. You make me sick. You are weak and pathetic and probably won't last very long. However, if you do manage to become one of us, I might change my opinion... Either way, you do what I say when I say. Do you understand?" She studies you, "good. Now your first task is to go down below and kill a slave. YES one of those puny and pathetic creatures Kill it and return and I will give you a reward." She walks away, "don't fail me or I will kill you myself."
18 Return 1 Tome of Agility 1 Dagger of Stealth
Maxx approaches you, "Stop! Where the hell do you think you're going? When you see me coming, I expect you to STOP and APPROACH me immediately. I don't have time to waste. The council wants you to find a Tome of Agility and return it. Do you think you can manage that, you little pissant shit-for-brains?" She pauses and looks at you, "So what the hell are you waiting for?!"
27 Kill 1 Psuedo-Dragon 1 Elixer of Restoration Maxx shakes her head as she approaches, "You've made it this far, eh? Well, I guess that means I can start calling you my little bitch. YES -- you heard right -- you're my new BITCH. So, from now on, I will refer to you as BITCH." She looks you over, "if you have a problem with that, I can introduce you to a new method of birth control. Do you have a problem with that?!" She stares into your eyes. "Good. Your next task, BITCH, is to go and kill a Pseudo-Dragon. So, get your skinny ass out of here, and take care of it. NOW!"
40 Return 1 Paladin's Guild Blue Prints 5,000 gold
"Hey BITCH!" Maxx calls from across the room. She walks up to you, "That's right, you're the only bitch in this room. See how the others are looking at you like you're something special? Well, you are -- you're my bitch. And you know what? You're going to do what I ask of you. You know why? Because if you don't," she takes out her sword, "I'll make you feel penetration like you've never felt before." She whips the blade to your throat, "The Paladin's guild has planned an attack on our guild for some time. It's time for us to prepare to pay them back for their pathetic existance. I want you to find the blueprints to their guild -- they're down in the depths below -- one of our couriers had them, and we haven't heard from them, so I assume they're dead... If you somehow succeed then I'll give you enough gold so that maybe you can get laid and wipe that dumb grin off your face. Get out of here."
52 Kill 1 Slave Masher 1 Black Cloak
"There's my little bitch right now," Maxx walks up to you. "Two words -- Slave Masher." She looks you over, "one word - KILL". She turns and walks away, "And take a goddamn bath! You smell like a giant's ass!"
65 Return 1 Steel Shield 1 Steel Shield
Maxx walks up to you, "Okay bitch -- I want you to do something for ME. Did I ever tell you that I feel like killing your mom for giving birth to you?" She looks you over, "But that can wait. Go find me a new Steel Shield. The one I have now is dirty. Bring me a new one and I'll give you my old one. Now I don't give a shit whether you like it or not. Just remember who is in charge here. Now MOVE!"
79 Return 1 Dwarven Guard 1 Ring of Death
Maxx approaches you, "Okay bitch -- it's quest time again. Let's see what I have for you to do this time..." She thinks, "Hmm. It would seem today is the day I get information from the Dwarven Guards. Bring one of them back to me immediately. That means NOW!" She snaps, "MOVE!"
91 Kill 1 Cutpurse 1 tamed Villain Maxx walks up to you playing with one of her knives, "Ok bitch, time for some work. We've had some problems with a certain group of Cutpurses, and I want these shitbags eliminated -- and I want you to do it." She squints her eyes and looks at you, "Rip the hearts out of these cocksuckers chests. I've sent some others in the past but these assholes just don't learn. Maybe you can do something right for a change and finish what the others couldn't." She walks away, "I hope you DIE."
100 Return 1 Tengu 1 Dagger of She'tal
Maxx taps you on the shoulder, "I'm not gonna sit here and congratulate you like some other guilds would for getting to this point. The way I see it you sucked from the start, and you're just a shitball. I never did like you I never will like you because I don't like anyone, so you know that you can kiss my ass." She pauses, "I will, however, be testing you to see if you are even worthy of of being where you are now. I want you to bring me a Tengu." She studies your look, "yes, BITCH -- a TENGU." She grabs and points a dagger at you, "IF and I do mean IF you can bring one back here I'll give you this Dagger of She'tal."
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Explorer's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
8 Return 1 Iron Dagger 500 gold
As you complete your training, a large dwarf walks up to you with a slight limp. Taller than most normal dwarves, he has quite the beard, and many scars across his face. He is dressed in gold chain mail, and has a very large battle-axe strapped across his bank. "Hello there," he says with a deep voice. "I am Tarnon. The council has assigned me to be your instructor as you increase your membership level within the guild. I am here to provide guidance and reward when necessary -- we will be seeing quite a bit of each other over the next few years as you progress as an explorer."He studies you, "The first task I wish you to complete is to return to me an Iron Dagger. It can be of any make or alignment. I want to see that you have the abilities to explore and find that which you seek. Return one to me and I shall give you a reward. Good luck!"
17 Return 1 Glowing Rock 1 Dust of Locating
Tarnon approaches you, "hail and well met apprentice. It looks like you are gaining experience that will help you explore the depths below -- we are happy with your progress." He adjusts his armor and scratches his beard, "I want you find me a Glowing Rock. In return I will give you Dust of Locating." He smiles, "simple 'nuff'". He then turns and walks away.
31 Return 1 Pseudo-Dragon 1 Potion of Fitness
Tarnon walks up to you, "hail, fellow Explorer." He sits down on a bench and looks you over, "the council has a very different quest for you this time -- one more difficult that will require you to locate and use magic." He laughs to himself, "I told them that this was too much, but they claimed that you could do it without problem..." He stands up, "they want you to bring back a Pseudo-Dragon as a companion." He studies your look and smiles, "however since this quest is rather... tough, I convinced the council to take an item out of storage and offer it as reward. They agreed to do so." He pats you on the shoulder, "when you return with the dragon, I'll be happy to give you your reward."
42 Return 1 Potion of Youth 1 Steel Mace
Tarnon beckons to you after you've completed your training, and you walk over to him. "You have been doing exceptionally well in your exploration -- we approve of the way you have applied your newly learned abilities." He shrugs, "there's no easy way to say this, since it's another tough quest -- I need you to bring me a Potion of Youth. The council agrees that if you accomplish this task that you will be ready for the next phase of teaching." Tarnon smiles, "good luck."
56 Kill 1 Horda Giant 1 Amulet of Flames
Tarnon approaches you all sweaty, smelly, and bloody. The good news is that the blood all over his chain mail isn't his, "okay -- this one is personal. I just got back from the depths and ran into a huge group of Horda Giants..." He looks down at his chainmail, "They actually nicked my armor!" He looks up at you, "I want you to go down and kill me the first Horda Giant that you see. When you've done so", he pulls an amulet from under his armor, "return to me and I'll give you this Amulet of Flames." He picks a piece of flesh form his armor and flings it on the floor, "messy bastards..." He then walks away, "good luck!"
64 Return 1 Giant Badger 7,000 gold
Tarnon approaches you, all cleaned up and neat this time, "you're going to love this. Another 'bring back the monsters to prove your worth' quest from the council." He scratches his beard, "I don't remember them doing this to me..." He shrugs, "owell. Anyway, they want you to bring back a Giant badger. I think that one of the council members is looking for one to exchange for some sort of animal companion and that's what the shopkeeper wants in return." Tarnon smiles, "We both know you've done this sort of thing before. I'll see you soon!"
76 Return 1 Ancient Scrolls of Discovery 1 Steel Plate Armor
Tarnon approaches you, excited, "I actually have a mission for you that's interesting to me!" He sits down at a table and notes for you to do the same. "We have been looking for an item called the Ancient Scrolls of Discovery." He pauses, "it's rumored that these scrolls hold many secrets to exploring the depths below." He looks across the room at another adventurer who just completed training, "of course everyone knows that the Explorer's guild is responsible for the true mapping and reports from the depths," he turn turns back to you. "It's very important that we find this scroll. I looked just a few days ago and I came up blank. If you find it, I'll have to admit that your exploration abilities are rivaling mine!" he then stands up. "As reward, I'm going to give you my first set of Steel Plate Armor. It's only been worn once, and saved my life." He walks away, "I hope to see you soon!"
88 Return 1 Dalyn's Grin 1 Sphere of Dislocation
After you finish your training, Tarnon approaches you, "Hail, fellow adventurer! After the last successful quest, I'm not afraid to ask you to bring me anything back. This time it's a weird one." He laughs, "the council has a bet. One of the lead members has bet that a specific item does not exist. The other member insists that it does. Funny part is that the member who doesn't believe it exists has a daughter that the son of the member who does say it exists wants to marry. The bet is that if the item is found, the daughter can marry the son. Needless to say there's some emotional turmoil here -- it's kind of fun to watch though..." He scratches his beard, "for reward, if you do find this item, I'll give you my Sphere of Dislocation. It will help you travel the depths." He begins to walk away, "oh -- the item is called... Dalyn's Grin!"
100 Return 1 Thief's Gloves 1 Ethereal Helm
Tarnon greets you with a handshake, "Hail and well met fellow adventurer!" He shakes his head, "I can't believe we've come this far. Few ever make it to this level. Once you've completed this quest, while the questmaster will bother you from time to time, you'll be your own man and won't require my help any further. Perhaps after the quest we can get an Ale together!" He pauses, "we need you to find and return a pair of Thief's Gloves. They are very hard to come by and are guarded only by specific monsters. You will need to find out which creatures these are, slay them, and take the gloves from them." He stands back, "and do I have a surprise fo you as a reward!" He walks away, "good luck!"
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Thief's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Orc 1 Padded Leather Armor
As you complete your training, a small saris who has the facal features of a mouse appears in front of you. He is wearing black leather armor and has numerous daggers strapped to his belt, "h...h...hello... I ammm... Meek...." he studies you and smells you like an animal, "I am your help... I am advanced... thief..." You stand back, startled. He man then hands you one of your items, "this is yours." Surprised as hell how he took it, you quickly grab it out of his hand. He continues, "Orc... Kill orc... You return to me and I give you armor... Be sleeek and dark..." he wiggles his nose like a mouse, "you will be good thief!" A second later he's gone.
20 Return 1 Nugena Gloves 1 Salve of Health
Meek startles you from behind, "goooood! We meet again!" He rubs his hands together as if he's going to eat you, "gloves! I want Nugena gloves! You will bring to me as a reward to me for teaching you! Yes!" He smells you, "Salve as reward... yess..." He then disappears.
35 Kill 1 Cutthroat 3,000 gold
Meek approaches you without surprise this time, his nose twitching like a mouse, and the fact that he's smelling the air makes you wonder what sort of strange mental disorder he has... "DIE! You will kill thief!!! When thief betrays... us!! they die! You will find and kill cutthroat! Bastard!" He seems upset. "I... Do not like cutthroat! Kill and I give gold!" He then darts away.
49 Kill 1 Skuldragl 1 Thief Sword
As you're walking away from the training area, you feel the point of a dagger in your back. You quickly whirl around to find Meek snorting and laughing, "baaaackstab!!! haha! I kill you easy!! You need learn more! yesss!" He approaches you and hands you your weapon, which irritates you quite a bit. "I give to you so you can kill another... THIEF! Yesss! Skuldragl... Kill -- return and I give sword for thief!" He then hops off, and away into the darkness. "This is getting too much," you mutter to yourself as you walk away.
55 Return 1 Scavenger 1 Aard of Being
Meek scares the shit out of you by screaming, "THIEF!!!" You jump back, dagger in hand. He runs up to you, immediately disarming you with a method you've never seen, and hands your dagger back to you, "THIEF! Scavenger!! You kill and return! I give you Aaaaard!!!" He steps back, "yess! come back!" he then turns and runs off.
66 Return 1 Theif's Chest 6,500 gold
After training, you leave watching all of the shadows, waiting for Meek to jump out from SOMEWHERE. You hear a sound to your left and jump into the shadows, "Gotcha!" You grab the little object and pull it out -- it's a cloak. Right at that second, you feel a dagger in your back, "hahaha! Meeeeek much faster than you!" You whirl around and Meek hands you your weapon as well as a few other items. "Chest!!!" He jumps around, "gold! gold! gold! Chest! Thief's chest! Bring to me!" he then runs off into the shadows.
79 Return 1 Gloves of the Blackguard 1 Cloak of Invisibility
Knowing the mental mentor is going to show up anytime, you simply sit down and wait for him. Meeks casually enters the area from your right, not trying to disguise himself at all. "Yesss! I win!" he then does a little song and dance all around you, making high pitches noises. As he does so you keep a close tab on your items. He's instantly in your face, "Gloves!!!" He then jumps around again, "blaaaackguard! yes! Gloves of the Blackguard! bring to me!! yess!" He then hops off and out of the area. One word echos in your mind -- PROZAC.
91 Kill 1 Slayer 1 tamed Burgler
This time, you see Meek coming, and instaly greet him, watching your items. He scowls as you, irritated, "you no let me take!!!! you not much fun anymore!!" he then throws a fit and stomps his feet on the ground. He is once again in your face, "SLAYER!" He screams so loud you jump back, "slayer slayer slayer!" He laughs, "kill slayer!!! You get friend! You get friend!" He then hops and jumps off, "wheeeee!"
100 Return 1 Amulet of Flames 1 Poison Dagger
Meek tries to startle you, but you grab him and push him back, "get off of me, you smelly little mouse!" Meek grimaces and pulls out a dagger like none you've ever seen before. Instantly he's attacking you with the passion of a mouse and tiger mixed into one. You quickly defend yourself, and hold him off. He then jumps back and laughs. "What?!" you yell at him. He holds up an item from your inventory and tosses it to you. You scowl, "you little shit!" He jumps around, laughing, "Amuler! Amultet of flames! Bring to meeeee!" he then jumps off and out of sight.
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Barbarian's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
6 Kill 1 Kobold 1 Iron Battle Axe
As you are about to leave the training area, a huge man dressed in leather and furs approaches you. He has paint on his face, and a body full of battle scars. He carries a huge battle-axe and as a deep and forboding look in his dark blue eyes. You aren't sure which race he is. "I am Muldan," he says in a deep voice. "Since you are interested in becoming an advanced member of the Barbarian's guild, I have been assigned to teach and tutor you in our ways," he holds his Axe up, "however, if you fail me, I will personally cut you in two." He pauses, "your first mission is to kill a Kobold. Do this, return with proof, and I will give you this Iron Battle Axe." He turns, "now begone," and walks away.
15 Kill 1 Outcast 1,000 gold
Muldan approaches you, large and forboding, "since you are still with us and attempting to raise your status, I have another quest for you. Track down and kill an Outcast." he draws the huge sword at his side and holds it to your throat, "you can do that now, can't you?" You nod. He lowers the sword and walks away.
29 Kill 1 Outcast Goblin 1 Tome of Might
As you leave the training area, you are instantly tackled by Muldan. He promptly beats the living shit out of you, and in a few moments, you're laying in a pool of your own blood on the ground. "GET UP!" he yells. You stagger to your feet. "THAT is what waits for you below. You must be ready for assault at ALL times. Next time, I won't stop, and THIS," he holds up his fist, "will be the last thing you see." You nod, wiping the blood from your lip. "Kill me an Outcast Goblin. In doing this, I will give you a Tome of Might so that you can raise your strength so that next time I jump you, that you might actually get the chance to hit me hard enough so I can tell!" He then storms off.
42 Return 1 Giant Badger's Skull 1 Steel Helmet
Paranoid that Muldan is going to tackle you, as soon as you seem him approaching, you get into a defensive position. "Calm down," he says as he approaches. "The council has asked me to have you retrieve the Giant Badger skull..." He pauses and studies you, "think you can handle that?" You nod.
55 Kill 1 Norn 1 Ring of Opening
Muldan approaches you, "do you have ANY idea how much I LOATHE cowards?" You stand your ground as he gets in your face. "THAT is why I want you to go down and kill one or more Norns. Do this, and return, and I have an item for you that will help with your treasure collecting..." He then walks off.
67 Kill 1 Giant Raven 7,500 gold
Muldan approaches you, as forboding as ever, "Alright, killer. Are you ready to taste more blood?" He gets in your face, "do you feel like ripping the heart from a live victim and holding it in your hand as they stare their last moments at you in amazement?" He grabs you by the throat and thrusts you against the wall, "well, that's not going to happen here since Birds don't really react that way!" he lets you down. "Go and kill me a Giant Raven. Something... Different." He walks away, "I don't want you in my sight until you've completed your task..."
80 Kill 1 Shape Shifter 1 tamed Mercenary
Muldan grabs you from around the corner, picks you up and throws you a good 20 feet into the wall across the way. You instantly get up and attack him with all of your might and fury. You actually get a few good hits in, knocking out one of his teeth, before he knocks you to the ground in a daze. "You little shit!" he says as he picks up his tooth, "look what you did!" He holds it in front of you, "now I'm going to have to get the healer to take care of this!" He kicks you in the stomach, "not bad though -- you're definitely getting tougher... Although I don't think you can kill a Champion with your bare hands like I can..." He pauses for a moment, basking in his Ego. he then looks down at your bloody form, "find and kill a Shape Shifter. For a reward, I will give you a companion." He then walks off, looking at his tooth, shaking his head...
92 Kill 1 Element Mage 1 Gauntlets of Might
Muldan approaches you and stops inches from your face. "Element Mage. If you can handle that then perhaps one day you can handle me," he smiles. "Kill one of those bastards and I'll give you my very own Gauntlets of Might. Of course you'll need them in order to be as poweful and capable as I am..." He then walks off.
100 Kill 1 Bloodsucker Axe of Infliction
From out of nowhere, Muldan tackles you and wrestles you to the ground. You escape his grasp a number of times and get in quite a few good hits. He picks you up and throws you across the way again. However this time, you immediately get up and bury your foot in his stomach, doubling him over. A few minutes later, the two of you are standing side by side, hunched over, bleeding from your faces. Muldan looks at you and smiles, "good work... Now I want you to go and take out a Bloodsucker. Since they can be found in large groups, there's a good chance you'll never survive... If you do, perhaps we can have a rematch..." Instantly, he swings a hard punch and knocks you to the ground. A few moments later, he's looming over you, "and perhaps not!" He then walks away, laughing.
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Mage's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
7 Return 1 Margoyle 1 Scroll of Control
As you leave the training area, a young man dressed in apprentice robes approaches. He appears to be an elf, but has a very dark skin tone. He speaks softly, "I am Merrik, master Mage of the third circle. I have been assigned as your mentor, and guide. I will be here to request specific actions from you and will provide reward when necessary. My goal is to shape and mold you into that which we can be proud of so that you one day might become a master mage as well." He looks you over, "any questions?" You stand silent. "Very well. Your first quest is to use your newly found magic to tame a Margoyle. They are dangerous creatures so be careful. When you've bound one, bring it here and I will reward you with a magic scroll." He then turns and leaves.
17 Return 1 Sacred Scroll of the Magi 1 Padded Leather Cap
Merrik approaches you and bows, "it is our need to request the finding of an item known as the Sacred Scroll of the Magi. Please return with this item and I will reward you with armor." Merrik Studies you, "remember, the magic comes from within and allows the level of control that makes us what we are. The other guilds -- they do not possess the mental control that we do..." He pauses, as if he was going to say something else, then just walks off.
30 Return 1 Twisted Dwarf 1 Lodestone
Merrik approaches you and bows, "good day. I have been instructed by the council to request that you return a Twisted Dwarf to us. They wish to study the mental issues with the creature and learn about the disease that plagues it." Merrik pauses, "keep focus with your goal and you will always achieve it..." he then walks off.
42 Return 1 Dungeon Bear 4,500 gold
Merrik approaches you, "since you are aspiring to become a Master mage, we will focus on your abilities as a binder. I wish you to bring me a Dungeon Bear. Taming such a wild creature will prove to me that you have mastered the animal control magic which we freely share with our members." He pauses, "don't ever think that your magic can control any creature you happen across -- those creatures that you cannot control will destroy you." He then walks off.
50 Return 1 Namana 1 Rod of Healing
Merrik approaches you and bows, "good day. I now wish you to bring me back a Namana. These creatures are both rare and dangerous. Returning with one of these will prove to me how well you've mastered your abliities." He studies you, "many members of the guild make a very good living selling their bound companions to the confinement... You might want to consider that if you haven't alerady..." He then walks off.
63 Kill 1 Rashart 1 Staff of Electrocution
As you leave the training area, Merrik greets you with a bow, "good day." He studies you, "it's now time for you to focus on more aggressive creatures. I wish you to track down and bind a Rashart. Return with this creature and I will reward you with a powerful weapon." He pauses, "be careful of the Rashart -- our kind are easy targets for such skilled warriors. Make sure you use the magic properly to drain his life force enough for binding." Merrik then walks away.
78 Return 1 Aard of being 9,000 gold
Merrik approaches you once again with a bow, "good day." He smiles, "we are in need of an Aard of Being. For this reason, we are going to take a break from your teaching of binding mastery and focus on your abilities to find a specific item that you seek." He continues, "dont' hesitate to use the seer to find out which creatures carry this item. When you have found it, return it to me and I will give you a reward." He then walks off.
87 Kill 1 Goblin Lord 1 tamed Illusionist
Merrik walks up to you and bows, "good day, fellow Enchanter." He looks you in the eye, "This time we want you to terminate a monster. A particular creature that the guild has no fondness of -- as a matter of fact, a council member has specifically asked for the death of this creature." Merrik actually smiles, "the Goblin Lord. Use your magic to terminate its life force. Return here and I will reward you with a companion that will help you in your fight." Merrik then walks off.
100 Return 1 Black Eel 1 Cuirboulli Armor
As you leave the training area, Merrik approaches you and bows, "hail and well met fellow Enchanter." He looks you over, "you are now ready for the final test. we wish you to return with a creature of the sea -- a dark creature that can be found in the caverns below known as a Black Eel. Be very careful since these creatures are found in groups and can be deadly in large numbers." Merrik pauses, "remember to always focus on your target -- the second you lose focus is the second you lose control." He then walks away.
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Cleric's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Floor Slime 1 Oak Staff
As you leave the training area, you are approached by a young woman with beautiful blue eyes, "Hello -- I am Maya. I have been assigned to be your mentor to help you with your future as a Master Cleric." She studies you, "Our time spent together will be for you to achieve a better working knowledge of the guild, and what it means to be a member of the guild. It is my duty to make sure you understand exactly where you are heading, and whether or not you can handle it. Your first task will be to kill a Floor Slime. Use your magic to do so, and when you return, I will reward you." She walks away, "Good luck, Apprentice."
20 Return 1 Slaver 1 Crystal of Mysticism
Maya approaches you, "as you learn about the magic of life and death, you can learn to apply it in many different fashions. Others rely on us to keep them alive with our healing magic, and others rely on us to keep them alive by using our destructive magic to protect. Master both sides of this magic, and you will be greatly respected." She pauses, "standard training includes the usage of magic that is not inherit to the guild. To conclude this lesson, I wish you to go into the depths below and return with a Slaver. It is your decision as to how to bring the creature back, but nevertheless, I expect to see you with a bound Slaver the next time I see you. I will give you a very useful reward in return."
34 Return 1 Holy Cross of Enlightenment 1 Potion of Insight
Maya approaches you, "every once and awhile, the guild will seek the help of its members to accomplish a task that is important to the entire organization. This is such a task. We wish you to seek out and return the Holy Cross of Enlightenment. This object will help us better refine our healing skills, and is desperately needed by one of council members. Returning with this item will reward you with a potion to help your knowledge..."
42 Kill 1 Large Orc 5,000 gold
Maya approaches you after your training is completed, "as you progress in your knowledge of magic, we expect you to push yourself to a higher level of power and understanding. In doing this, your next task will be to kill a dangerous creature -- a Large Orc. Seek one out, remove its life force, and return when you have done so." She then walks off.
50 Kill 1 Centaur 1 tamed Champion Maya approaches you, "I have just received word that a group of young Clerics were attacked by a dozen Centaurs in the depths below. We lost many of the apprentices and the council is outraged. In retaliation, we are requiring all guild members to go into the depths and kill one or more Centaurs at this time." She looks into your eyes, "Remember those who died when you bring those filthy creatures life to an end."
63 Return 1 Red Dragon 1 Sphere of Dislocation After your training completes, you meet Maya in the main guild hall. She speaks to you, "Your next task will be much more difficult than the previous tasks. Since we are constantly striving to improve our healing abilities, the council often seeks out large and hard to heal creatures to test our magic on. This time, they have asked for you to return to them a Red Dragon, so that they may test some new magic on it for healing purposes." She folds her arms, "they do not care how you come about the Dragon, just return when you have found one. Also, be very careful -- Red Dragons have been known to eat members of our guild whole..."
75 Return 1 Dust of Life 11,000 gold
Maya approaches you, "many of the other guilds come to us when they are in need of supplies and healing. Of course we taught the morgue everything they know about restoring the dead, so we have quite the reputation to uphold." She looks over you, "I think you have been progressing very well. The council is pleased with your achievements and has condoned your actions with support. Now they want a favor -- they need you to return to them Dust of Life. The morgue is running low on supplies and needs the dust to continue their services. Of course many other members are returning dust as well, but we want to make sure we get enough of it. When you have returned with the dust, I will reward you properly." 
87 Return 1 Silver Cross 1 tamed Drey Dragon
Maya greets you once again, "your next mission is going to be a frusturating one since the item I wish you to seek out and return is very rare. It is the Silver Cross. A favorite weapon among apprentice Clerics, one of the council members needs an extra one to give to a newly joined member as a reward for a quest." She begins to walk away, "return when you have found the cross, and I will give you a surprise."
100 Return 1 White Cloak 1 Cross of Domination
Maya greets you with a bow, "you have done very well, and are almost complete in your training with me. As your last quest, I wish you to seek out and return a highly demanded, but rare, item. A Grey Cloak. As you know, the cloak has the ability to defend the wearer against the draining attacks of the undead. This item is very hard to find, and is usually only found after lethal combat with a very deadly creature. This final test will show your mastery of both the healing and destructive natures of our magic. I wish you luck in your quest and hope to see you soon. As reward, I will give you a personal item of mine that has saved my life many times...".
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Sorcerer's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
5 Kill 1 I'ssus 1 Brown Cloak
s you leave the training area, a woman dressed in tight leather with hair down to her ankles approaches you, "I believe you are the one I am looking for." She studies you for a moment, "I am Mona. I have been assigned to you as your mentor by the council." She walks around you, doing a full circle, "it will be my job to ensure that you properly progress with your abilities and knowledge." She looks at you, "as you might know, the Sorcerer's guild is the most powerful in the lands. Our magic is capable of inflicting more harm, death, and destruction, than any other magic out there." She begins to walk off and stops, "it is your job to master this magic." She turns around, "I want you to go and kill an I'ssus. A simple task. Return when you have and I'll give you a reward." She then disappears..
16 Return 1 Scroll of Mallart 1 Tome of Learning
Mona approaches you, "you are doing well with you progress. Now, we want to you go on a quest of a different nature. We wish you to return with a specific Scroll. A Scroll of Mallart. In return, I will give you an item that will raise your intelligence..." She walks away, "use your magic wisely."
29 Kill 1 Razor Boar 2,500 gold As you finish your training, Mona approaches you, "excellent work. You are becoming more familiar with the elements and how to use them to your advantage..." She looks you over, "I want you to find and slay a Razor Boar. Since these creatures can be found in groups, you should be careful -- they can cut even an experienced Sorcerer to shreds with their teeth. The trick, as always, is to smite your enemies from an distance." She walks off, "good luck."
43 Return 1 Remains of Patrak 1 Amulet of Flames
Mona beckons to you to sit next to her at a table. You do so, and she faces you, "I would like to tell you of a rumor that has been circling around the city for quite some time now. A long time ago there was a powerful Sorcerer that was known throughout the lands. He was a part of our guild, but was very secretive and never bothered talking to anyone unless he absolutely had to." She pauses the continues, "He disappeared about 15 years ago and was never heard from again. About 3 years ago an unconfirmed rumor began circulating that he had been killed. I'd like you to find me his remains that he can be given a proper burial at our guild. Even though he was not an actively public member of our organization, I feel he was a valuale part of our guild and should be enshrined here for all to remember." She stands up, "His name was Patrak. Please try and find at least some of his remains and return them to us. We have no idea as to how he died so this could be a very long process in getting all of his remains back yo us." She walks off and speaks just before she disappears, "I will give you an Amulet of Flames for successfully completing your mission."
56 Return 1 Elf 1 Ring of Protection
Mona approaches you with a grim look, "the council has assigned a rather odd quest this time." She pauses, thinking. "They want you to return an Elf to us. Or course since we do not have access to the magic required to bind a creature, you will be required to find some sort of magical item that can bind one of these creatures and return it to us." She begins to walk away, "remember, if you first use your magic to damage the creature, it will be easier to bind..."
70 Kill 1 Scyllama 1 Staff of Striking
As you finish your training, you find Mona waiting for you. "I watched as you trained -- very impressive -- you have come a long ways." She begins to walk with you, "I want you to find and destroy a Scyllama. Of course my favorite method of termination is with the electrical forces, but I'm sure you have your own personal favorite." She begins to walk away, "return when you have killed one or more of these creatures and I will reward you with a weapon."
81 Kill 1 Dwarven Guard 8,500 gold
Mona smiles, "each time I see you, I become more and more impressed with your ablitiies. Soon you will be finished with your training and will be experience enough to teach others yourself..." She begins to walk, hinting that you should walk with her. "I want you to find and kill one or more of the Dwarven Lord's guards. While the Lord himself is not an issue with us, we want to show him that we are capable of reaching him if need be. This will be a substantial task since the guards are very capable of killing most Sorcerers they come across. Make sure they rethink such a notion after you're done with them."
92 Return 1 Giant Slug 1 tamed Cyclops
Mona meets you after your training, "the council has given me permission to pick my own quest for this session, and I thought hard, and came up with something that you should find to be a challenge." She faces you, "I want you to find and kill a Giant Slug." She rolls her eyes, "I know, I know -- however, they are very good at resisting our magic and are perfectly capable of taking out our more inexperienced members. I want to find out how you do it and how long it takes." She walks off, "I will see you soon."
100 Return 1 Nakovant 1 Rod of Ultimate Power
Mona approaches you, "I have been given permission to inform you that this will be your last assignment from a mentor. After you are done with this next quest, you will be on your own." She begins to walk, and you follow. "This is probably the hardest quest that you will undertake as a member of the guild." She looks at you, "I want you to find the extremely rare Nakovant, and return it here." She studies the look on your face and smiles. "I know, they are almost never seen -- and the only time they are ever seen by any members here in the town are when people like you reach the level of experience that you have. Returning a Nakovant was my last quest, and it took me weeks, but I achieved it. So can you." She walks away, "good luck."
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Warlock's Guild
Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Giant Centipede 700 gold
As you finish your training, a very large and cloaked figure approaches you and speaks, "I am your mentor assigned by the council of Warlocks." You can't even see his face as he speaks, his entire body covered by the obviously magical cloth. "I am Ulnok Tathnor. I am here to guide you in your teachings. Walk with me..." You begin to walk with Ulnok as he begins to speak, "the other magic oriented guilds claim that they are the most powerful or most diverse, when in reality, the Warlock's guild has been the one true magic using guild in the lands. We have access to all types of magic except those of the binding nature used by the Mages -- we do not believe in using magic for Slavery." He turns to you, "remember what I teach you and what you learn form the quests that I assign you to complete. When I ask you to complete a task, I expect you to complete it immediately and with complete focus." He begins to walk away, "I wish you to go down and kill a Giant Centipede with your magical abilities. A simple task -- something for a simple Warlock."
19 Return 1 Sacred Scroll of Wizardry 1 Lodestone
Ulnok approaches you again completely wrapped in his magical cloak, "this next task will require you to explore the depths below and return with a specific item. It is known as the Sacred Scroll of Wizardry." He begins to walk, and you follow. "This scroll contains general knowledge about the magic that is the foundation of the guild. When you find the scroll, read it and return it to me and I will reward you with an item that will help you locate others." He then walks away.
32 Return 1 Pandrun 1 Aard of Being
Ulnok approaches you, as mysterious as ever, "as a Warlock, you must be very resourceful depending on which task is at hand -- even if you require the use of abilities that your magic does not fulfil. While we do not condone or teach the magic of binding and slavery, we require our members to find external items to accomplish the task of returning a creature as a test. This creature is a Pandrun. Find one, bind it, and return it here for your reward." He then walks away.
42 Kill 1 Outcast 1 tame Falcon Wolf
Ulnok approaches you, "A Warlock must always be aware of his surroundings, and any change in those surroundings. As you have found, the depths below can be very dangerous to any who dare venture too far away." He begins to walk and you follow, "I wish you to find and kill an outcast. When you have done so, I will reward you with an item that will guard you from the draining ablities of the dead."
55 Return 1 Warrior Spirit 6,000 gold
Ulnok approaches you and speaks, "as you know, we have access to more different styles of magic than any of the other guilds. Included in this magic is the ability to defeat the undead, which is what your next task will entice. I wish you to track down and kill a Warrior Spirit. Use your magic to terminate its existance and return here for a reward." He walks away, "remember what you lean while accomplishing this task."
68 Kill 1 Elf 1 Rod of Darkness
As you complete your training, Ulnok approaches you, still wrapped in the dark cloak, and speaks, "it is an unfortunate event when a member of our organization is forced to kill those who are members of the same race as many of our fellow Warlocks -- or possibly the same race as the member themself. However, this task is required so that all members become aware of the fact that they may one day have to face their fellow brothers and sisters in battle." He begins to walk, "I want you to go into the depths below and terminate an Elf. When you have done so, return here and I will give you a reward."
79 Return 1 Salve of Health 1 Magician's Cap
Ulnok greets you, "you are doing very well, Your focus seems to be steady, and your knowledge increasing every day." He pauses, "I want you to find and return to me a Salve of Health. I want to assign you something that forces you to look once again for a specific item -- this will help you focus on your goals." He begins to walk away, "as reward, I will give you something to help you with the tasks that lay ahead."
90 Return 1 Ball and Chain 10,000 gold
As you complete your training, you find Ulnok waiting for you. "You are almost complete with your training, but a few tasks remain. I now want you to focus on finding that which you loathe." He begins to walk, and you follow. "Quite often we are assigned menial tasks in life that we find either annoying, or downright unacceptable. However, if the tasks are required, we must embrace them. For this reason, I want you to see out the cursed item known as the Ball and Chain, and return it to me. When you do, I will remove the item and reward you." He walks off, "good luck."
100 Kill 1 Purple Ooze 1 Sphere of Domination
Ulnok approaches you and bows, "congratulations -- you are now on your final task." Sits down and you sit next to him, "the last task we have assigned is a dangerous one since you could lose both items that are valuable to you and even your life." He proceeds to crack his knuckles, "I want you to find and terminate a Purple Ooze." He turns towards you, "be very careful -- these creatures resist many forms of magic and have acid that can eat through almost any type of armor or garment." he then stands up, "when you return, I will have a reward for you."
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