Demise Glossary

Where you find people, you find communication. Where there is communication, there is confusion. Demise has begun the long trek of creating a unique universe, and along with that, it's own particular terminology. To alleviate as much discomfort as possible when first entering this realm, we have compiled a list of terms specific to the Demise culture. Although this list is by no means perfect, it will continue to grow for as long as there are people playing.

B&C - (n.) Ball and Chain. A cursed item.

backstab - (v.) This is a special attack that does higher than usual damage. Generally, only Villains, Ninjas, Barbarians and Thieves get backstab.

behead - (v.) some weapons can behead an opponent. Normally instantly fatal, it is rumoured that certain very tough monsters can survive beheading.

critical hit - (v.) This is a special attack that does higher than usual damage. Generally, only Warriors, Paladins, Ninjas, Villains and Explorers get critical hit.

DA - (P.n.) David Allen. CEO of Artifact Entertainment, L.L.C. Big High Muckity Muck of Demise.

greenie - (n.) Crystal of Mysticism.

legacy character - (n.) (sometimes just "legacy") A player character who is "retired" and then turns all of his or her equipment over to a new character to give that character an advantage.

M2 - (n.) See Mordor.

Mordor - (n.) [Also, M2 or Mordor 2]. The predecessor to Demise.

mushpot - (n.) A player character who is a member of multiple guilds.

pinned - (v.) Unable to gain any more experience until you level. Characters who cannot advance due to a difficult quest are said to be "quest pinned," while characters who are merely awaiting enough money to do so are "coin pinned" or "gold pinned."

pot - (n.) Potion.

server hop - (v.) To go from server to server in multiplayer, looking for a specific monster to kill or a particular item.

sever - (v.) to perform a simultaneous backstab and critical hit. The combination does an additional amount of damage on top of the backstab and critical hit damage.

SoW - (n.) Sword of the Winds. Nice weapon usually available in the store.

tome hoarder - (n.) A player character created for the express purpose of gathering tomes and potions, to assist in another character's development.

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