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Lee Adam

Full Name: Lee Charles Adam
Birthplace: Leicester
Date of birth: 16/9/?
Height: 6ft
Weight: 13.5 Stones
Occupation: I own a small business
Nickname: Have not got one that I know about
Previous Clubs: Derby County, Wollongong Wolves (Australia), Bedworth, Leicester United.
Favourite Team: Celtic
Matchday Meal: No time to eat
Favourite Player At The Moment: Roy Keane
Favourite Player Ever: Kenny Dalglish
Favourite Film: The Great Escape
Musical Tastes: Motown + soul
Favourite T.V Programme: Super Sunday on Sky Sports
Do you ever get nervous before matches?
How do you feel after losing a match?
How do you feel after winning a match?
The 2nd best feeling there is
What do you like best about the game?
What do you do the night before a game?
Spend most of it on the phone
What is your career ambition?
To manage Corby Town in the conference
What would you say inspires good performances for you?