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Advanced farming with Wagon at Start

Here is a guideline for beginning the first two years on Lords2 with advanced farming when starting with a trade wagon in your town. You will require some flexibility in your starts depending on whether you have bad weather, good weather, and a wagon for the seasons following the first turn. This guide assumes we begin with 500 crowns with diffculty set to hard.

Winter 1268

Begin by trading with the wagon. Sell cows so you have exactly 21 left. Then buy as much grain possible with all your crowns.
Next step is to plant 2 fields of grain, 2 fields for cows, leave 2 fields fallow. Also select 1 barron field to be reclaimed.
Set Tax rate to 0%. We want to get happiness (heart icon) up to 100

Don't End Turn Yet
See the next Image for more.
Winter Continued...

Click on the ration bar and set the Wanted arrows to Triple. Then move ration slider to the far left so eating all grain. Then close ration screen.

Now click on your town to open the workers screen. Put 2 worker icons (14 men) on wood, 2 on iron (or stone), 1 on blacksmith, as many as you can fit on grain, then the rest on Dairy farming. Doing this correctly should give you +12 cows, + 2 wood, +2 Iron, -85 grain. Everything should now look like as shown on these two screens.
Now End Turn

Spring 1268

Your farm should now look like this at the beginning of this turn.

Now go to the trading wagon (assuming you still have one in your county) and sell off cows so that you once again have 21 cows. This is the optimal number for farming 2 fields with cows.

See next picture

Spring Continued...

Now go to the Ration screen and adjust Wanted rations to Double Feed. (if you have had very good weather up until now and you are going to have the wagon in your town for another 1-2 turns you could keep rations at Triple for another turn, but to be conservative I suggest changing to Double now.

Next, click the town to enter the worker's screen and make minor adjustments to the working population. Remember last turn we put 2 men on Wood, 2 on Iron, and 1 on blacksmith? Make sure these numbers remain until productivity for each industry reaches around 100% productivity.
Always maintain a maximum number of workers that it can take for grain farming throughout the year until Autumn.

Make sure you have +10 cows, +2 wood, +2 iron, -44 grain (approx) before ending turn.

Summer 1268

Not much needs to be done here. (If you've had storms or flood in particular then you probably should now set feed to RED normal - see Winter 79 if that is the case.)
Farmland fertility should have now increased to good.
Keep a maximum of 2 men on your industries to continue raising their productivity. Never add more workers until you reach 100% level. Put any additional workers from population growth onto cows this turn.

Now End Turn

Autumn 1268

Firstly, turn 1 of your dairy farming cow fields into a fallow field to allow further increases to fertility gains

Feeding rations should remain on Double this turn unless you've had bad weather throughout the year.

See next Image... Don't End Turn YET!

Autumn 68 continued...

Now Harvest time! Assuming you have had good weather this year you should be able to harvest around 250 grain (sunny weather may allow you more - if so havrest more). Leave 1 man on each industry to maintain productivity improvement - Wood productivity should be around 80% by now if you have kept the same number of workers on it every turn to date.
Put as many remaining workers on grain fields to harvest the grain. If any left over, any remaining should go into dairy farming.

End Turn - Fingers crossed you get good weather!

Winter 1269 - New Year

Assuming you had no bad weather events your county should look a bit like this. Health should now have improved to good health. Your population should grow faster now. County management shall now become a lot different this year.
This season I have posted 3 pictures to guide you as there is a bit more work to do this turn.

Now, if you have a trading wagon in your county, sell all your remaining cows and buy grain with it.

Currently you should have 2 grain fields and 1 field of cows as shown on left. Change your dairy farming field into a grain field on the main map. You should now have 3 fields grain, and 3 fields fallow.

See Next image...

Winter continued...

Now with 3 grain fields to plant, put the maximum people on it required for planting. 1 man for iron (or stone mine), and 1 man for blacksmith. Productivity for wood increases faster than the other industries so by now it should be over 90%. You should put all remaining available men on woodcutting.

See next image for your food rations...

Winter Continued...

Now that you have good health, food rations should be now reduced to normal. I will go into more detail of the red ration trick in the next season so if you sold cows this turn and bought grain with the proceeds then please refer to the next season's advice on food rations.

Assuming we had no wagon to sell our cows, click on the ratio button to display this Ration screen.
Set Wanted ration arrow buttons to display "Triple". Now move the ration bar below as far right as possible while Achieved rations remains on Normal displayed in RED. In this case it will go to the very right and still display Normal in the Achieved ration setting.

Doing this correctly, all your cows (-20) will be eaten this year while -30 grain will be used for planting.

Now End Turn.

Spring 1269

The Red Ration Trick - This season I show you how the red ration method fully works.
Firstly, open the Ration screen. Set Wanted rations to Triple
Slide the ration bar (below health) as far right as possible while maintaining an achieved ratio of Normal. This effectively achives a ration that is normal using only 18 sacks of grain. Now look at the smaller image below, you will see that if everything was set to Normal and a black Normal ration was achieved then you use 54 sacks of grain. So you can see the savings in food eaten using this method - a lot of food!

Don't end turn yet. See next image to continue...

Spring 69 continued...

Now that you've allocated your food rations, click on your town to allocate your workers. Put any new workers from population growth into woodcutting. Productivity should be at 100% now for woodcutting. Iron, stone, and blacksmith should not be far from 90% now.
Notice that we have 94% happiness? Now is a good time to put tax up to 1% as we are gaining 7% a turn from normal rations and good health.
Also do you notice we are at very high fertility now? This means in Autumn we can expect a lot more sacks of grain to be harvested (weather permitting)

I have no image for next season which is Summer 1269, but by then you should be at 100% happiness so a tax rate of 7% with normal red rations should be a good setting.

Autumn 1269

Harvest time again, harvest all the grain possible. High fertility with 3 fields should provide us nearly 600 sacks of grain (weather permitting).

Winter 1270

We now have Excellent fertility for growning grain. To maintain this level, plant 4 grain fields with 2 fallow from now on. 4 grain fields is more than enough to feed your growing population of peasants from now on - see that we are now at 549 people? Continue to use the red ration method to save food.

Now you can focus on building weapons and a moat and bailey castle (to get 150 free archers) so that you can go conquer your first town.

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