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Fans Of Championship Manager 99/00

This page is designed to help those managers who are finding it difficult to get to grips with match tactics


My 4-1-2-2-1 Custom Tactic

                                                                          Striker/forward (center)

                                      Attacking midfielder (center)           Attacking midfielder (center)

 Midfielder (left)                                                                                                                               Midfielder (right)


                                                                   Defensive Midfielder (center)

Defender (left)                    Defender (center)                                 Defender (center)                    Defender (right)

Tactical Notes of Interest

This section details tactics which I have used during matches with the formation above, they may or may not be of use/interest to you. For further details on tactics contact me at :

Scaring the opposition into surrender:

If an opposition player is controlling the game but has a low 'Bravery' rating then you might consider man-marking him with a big bruiser (high Strength and Aggression. i.e. Patrick Vieira , Roy Keane). This may cause the player to back off from 50-50 balls allowing your team to impose themselves more on the match.


Don't expect all of your team to be able to press for the entire match in CM99/00, pressing will tire players out quite quickly if they have low stamina. Unless I have a team with high stamina across the board I usually use pressing in 7 minute bursts to disrupt opposition pressure.

Giving Creative Players space

I don't recommend that you give creative players 'Pressing' instructions as this means that they are more likely to be near an opposition player when your side regains the ball.

Defend from the Front

If you have hardworking attackers then sometimes it may be helpful to tell them to close down the defence, this will prevent defensive play makers from having time to look around for creative passes and can sometimes cause mistakes which can generate goals.

Maximise Set Pieces

I definitely recommend customising which players are Forward/Back for set pieces as this can be worth several goals over the space of a season.

In particular for Corners I would recommend pulling back any players with 15+ Jumping ability when defending and conversely pushing forward as many players with 15+ Jumping or high Anticipation / Off the Ball skills (the latter for getting on the end of any rebounds).

Holding up the ball

I recommend using holding up the ball if have a player with High Strength, Dribbling and Technique (especially if he has low pace) if he plays either as a lone SC or as a DMC (this will allow the rest of the players to get forward).This is the tactic i use with my custom formation.

Check who's referee

I would recommend NOT playing with hard tackling if you have a referee who is rated as 'Harsh' … although it can work (especially if your opposition have players who are easy to 'wind' up i.e. Manchester United).

Getting crosses into the box

If you have 'tall' (i.e. Good jumping and heading) strikers then try playing with very wide wingers and pushing them forward so that they are more likely to get crosses into the box.

Wide Players

Something which players often overlook is that if wingers hog the touchline then your team will be quite likely to get a throw-in if they are tackled especially when they are fouled.

Forcing Strikers to make runs

If you want to force a striker to make runs through a defence then simply push him forward of the oppositions defensive line (I usually just always position them in front of the opposition goal regardless of where the ball is on the pitch in the 'With Ball' tactics screen) this will cause the player to run towards his tactic position until he realises he is offside when he will tack back and then start the run again. Bear in mind that I only recommend this if the striker isn't tired and has very good 'Off the Ball' skills & high stamina levels.

If you have any tactical notes you would like me to post on my site then send them to my e-mail address at :