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Battletech Utilities

This page will be kept up-to-date with the best in free battletech utilities. If you have a favorite or something we have missed, Please email me.

We will be accepting The Drawing Board files for custom battlemechs. Please email the files HERE! These files must be in .dbm format. Please put in the color text in the specifications area. We will post a "custom mech of the week" along with designer. We will put the files in a file available for download. This file will be changed periodically. Below are the files available now.

The Drawing Board Files

Protomech Construction Utility

  • Protomech Construction Utility
  • This program gets the job done for creating Protomechs. I will have the files of the existing protos here soon. You can create individual protos and create entire stars.


    Mechwarrior skin for your Yahoo Messenger! Just download it and open it in c: it will go where it needs to.