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- AVGC Poll -
What Next Gen Console Are You Supporting The Most?

Playstation 2
Project Dolphin


AVGC Hot 5

1st- Chu Chu Rocket

2nd- Playstation 2

3rd- X-Box

4th- Final Fantasy IX

5th- Resident Evil:CV

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Poll Results

The results are in on the Final Fantasy Movie poll. 4 voted that they were looking forward to the Movie, 2 voted that they were not looking forward to the Movie, while 1 voted that they didn't know if they were looking forward to the Movie.

Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show is on as I type this. Very slow beginnings to the show but sources close to Sega have revealed that big titles like Grandia 2, Phantasy Star Online, Eternal Arcadia, Jet Set Radio, and SNK vs. Capcom are currently scheduled to appear. Stay Tooned!

The Success Of Chu Chu

Chu Chu Rocket has taken the Dreamcast by storm. Read my story of the success of Chu Chu. More...

Gran Turismo 2000 Preview

Let's face it, Gran Turismo 2 was a major dissappointment. Not that is was a bad game or anything, it just felt very rushed for the Christmas season. But Gran Turismo 2000 could be the goto game when the Playsation 2 is launched in North America. More...

DC Compatible Games

Check out AVGC new section on Dreamcast compatible Games!


Coming Soon!

I am currently working on a WAV section for this site!. It will feature over 100 Dreamcast compatible sound files!. Included are many Star Wars, Austin Powers and one of the largest Video Game WAV sections on the net!. Stay tuned!.

NHL 2K Review

The next game in the "2K" series. Can it live up to expectations?

To think that the Playstation 2 has made it on the cover of Newsweek!. It truely proves that Video Games has made it to the mainstream. Also, the Playstation 2 has been released in Japan to mob crowds and has created a lot of North American media hype. Read the Newsweek Article!
The Shenmue Center

The Shenmue Center is the place to go for everything Shenmue. Including a Picture Gallery, Profile on Yu Suzuki, Early Japanese Reaction, News, and much more!
Go To The Shenmue Center

Improvements are steady here at AVGC. Soon there will be a sections on: MIDI's, VMU animations/games, and better reviews!. Once the Planetweb Dreamcast Browser 2.0 comes out, I'll also have a section for MP3's and I'll put some cool JavaScript on that I haven't bothered to do. That's all for now! -Sean

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