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80117F49 0001                 Level Select

80125AB0 0001                 Invulnerability

80125AB1 0001                 Start With All Weapons

80125AB2 0001                 Secret Level

80125AB3 0001                 Enable Models

80125AB8 0001                 Mini-Tanks 1

80125AB9 0001                 Mini-Tanks 2

80125ABA 0001                 Mini-Tanks 3

80125ABB 0001                 Mini-Tanks 4

80125ABC 0001                 Mini-Tanks 5

802D8195 0080                 P1 Always Have Radar

802D9ABD 0080                 P2 Always Have Radar

802D818D 0001                 P1 Always Has Cloaked On

802D9AB5 0001                 P2 Always Has Cloaked On

802D869D 0080                 P1 Your Goalith Tank On Tracks Always Has Radar

802D9FC5 0080                 P2 Your Goalith Tank On Tracks Always Has Radar

802D8695 0001                 P1 Your Goalith Tank On Tracks Always Has Cloaked On

802D9FBD 0001                 P2 Your Goalith Tank On Tracks Always Has Cloaked On

802D819F 0001                 P1 One Hit And You Bite It

802D9AC7 0001                 P2 One Hit And You Bite It

802D8603 00FF                 P1 Infinite Ammo

802D9F2B 00FF                 P2 Infinite Ammo

802DE7DF 000A                 Black Tanks (Multi)

802D8617 0030                 Unlimited Guided Missiles

802D860B 002F                 Unlimited Laser

802D861B 0002                 Unlimited Gun Buddies

802D8609 0036                 Unlimited Swarmer Missiles

802D860F 0062                 Unlimited Grenades

802D8619 0040                 Unlimited Mines

802D8621 0005                 Unlimited Health [Pick Ups]

802D860D 0002                 Unlimited Nuke

802D861F 0003                 Unlimited Cloak

800971EE 0001                 Full Control Of Tank In Bonus/Extra Side Player In Battlelord Multi!

8009FB2A 0001                 Regenerated Allied Tanks Are Indestructible In Campaign

80086DDE 0001                 Light Colored Tanks

80082AB0 0001                 Whose Who. All Battletanx Are Green

80082AB4 0001                 All Battletanx Are Invisible

80108188 0001                 Go Through Walls (Doesn't Work In Arena)

80092990 0001                 Buildings Don't Show Signs of Damage Until Destroyed

8008E529 0001                 Shoot Through Walls

8008B504 0001                 Everybody Is Totally Invisible

8008A2F0 0001                 Can't pick Up Queen Lords

800A6745 0001                 Auto Win All Queen Lord Levels

800A6746 0001                 Auto Lose All Queen Lord Levels

8009A56A 0001                 Slow Battletanks

80091BBC 0001                 Buildings Fall Fast

8010A691 0001                 Walls Off & Can't Pick Up Power Ups

800F3333 0001                 Nuke Blast Leaves Air Yellow

8008055F 0001                 Nuke Blast Pink

800846ED 0001                 Laserfire Invisible

80135763 0001                 Invincible

80135765 0001                 Start With All Weapons

80135767 0001                 Have All Levels

8013576B 0001                 Hurl Mode

80135760 0001                 Unlimited Ammo

8013576A 0001                 Invisible

80135770 0001                 Run Story

80135771 0001                 Trippy

80135772 0001                 Unlimited Lives

80135775 0001                 Frogs

80135776 0001                 Toads

8012579A 0001                 Can Choose Your Gang In Campaign