TDB-SEXTOL When the pres. of the u.s. was asked "what ya think about TDB-SEXTOL" he could only answer with two words, "bad ass." Sextol came to TDB in the fall of 2000, and things haven't been the same since, have they TDB?? Not saying he rapes (actuallly gets raped more like it) but he does have his days. Apart from being an avid Rainbow Six Player, TDB-SEXTOL enjoys many things. First and foremost his Harley-Davidson, second his Jacked up Jeep Wrangler, and third his 2 honda 250R four-wheelers. Apart from playing with his toys, TDB-SEXTOL enjoys school he is close to starting his third year at Utah State University. His major and minors are somewhat bland. However, they follow along the lines of Pre-Law and business. You see TDB-SEXTOL failed at his own small business: pimping! Some other things he enjoys apart from life in the city, happen to be in the vertical world. He has been an avid rock climber and mountaineer for the past 6 years. He has been on many mountains and cliffs. Some of them include: Mount Raineer, Mount Baker, Mount McKinley, The Tetons, and many in the Utah area. So u can see why the pres of the us could only say two words "bad ass." Cause that is the way it really is