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Rifters Humble Abode

This site brought to you by Boy Wonder

This is Boy Wonder's Website. I just updated the contact links, which is the first update to this site in years. This website was created in '97 and has attracted around 73,000 visitors since then. Me and my buddies have had a cravin' for some Rifting; therefore, with summer apporaching, I intend to bring this site up to par in the maintenance and content areas of other sites. If you like the site and/or content If you would like to send comments or suggestions to me, I can be reached at I'm also on AOL Instant Messenger frequently. My screen name is Vulgi.

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Do you want us, here at Rifters Humble Abode, to name a corporation based on YOUR suggestions?
Just sign our guestbook with your input. The name will be for a company that only creates cutting edge weapons and devices.

We have created a new class called the
We have also created three new weapons:
Weapon Engineer.
K7-42 Pole Cannon
K7-6 Laser Mine
You should also check out Biotech Inc.
Need character sheets? We got 'em.

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