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This site soon to be known as:

Hello peeps, I've been working on adding some stuff, so give me suggestions. I need some input on this page, ya know! Help me out so I can continue to update.

Random Quote:

"And as I saw you laying there, lifeless, how could I hate someone who had made such an honorable sacrifice?" - Piccolo


  • 8-8-00: Doin some MAJOR renovating on this site, so check back soon!


    8-8-00: Well, I have some news on the DBZ video game. It should be out in America by August of 2001. Kinda sucks to have to wait that long, but it's all good! - Piccolo4eva

    8-7-00: The DBZ and possibly pokemon comics are now going to possibly be edited for violence and other such crap. Read all about it here

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