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The Mighty Lizardmen forces
The Lizardmen army is only the best, strongest and most reliable army in the Warhammer World.


    In the dense tropical land of Lustria, the Lizardmen rise to retake the world from all pathetic races not even worthy of sacrifice to the Old Ones.

The Lizardmen army includes many strong units and special rules.

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Hey everyone!! I'm FINALLY getting to making a full-blown update on the page! i mean, its been so long! and youve all been really patient! thanks a million! ok, so yeah, within the month, look for new updates!! including info on the new unit... saurus cold one riders!! yes!! the best!! cool, so right-o, hey, if u guys wanna write me and tell me some good ideas for my site, i'd be more than willing to read them!! thanks!! take it easy guys!! Ok, so the tactics page isn't up yet, and due to a lack of questions, the question of the week has been the question of the month(s). Well, This month's White Dwarf contained a "Get you by" book of army lists for Warhammer Fantasy. This is called the Ravening Hordes booklet. Unfortunately, it has dealt a mighty blow to the power of the Lizardmen Army. *Sob* The previous materialon this site will still be available, but will eventually have to be called the "Old Lizardmen." I will not be adding too much "New Warhammer" material until the New Lizardmen Codex comes out (next summer). Until then, "New" stuff will be added slowly after the release of the new rule book. It is expected in October 2000. Until then, I am trying to get this Tactics page for the "Old" Lizzies up... And the Flash movie isn't too easy... oh well. Anyway, I am going to be adding a few new pages soon, so watch for those!!! Well, no matter which rules you play by, keep the Lizzies the Killing!!!

What is the best Warhammer Army?

What is the BEST Lizardmen Unit? (For overall performance, usefulness, etc.)

What is the COOLEST Lizardmen unit?

The Lizardmen WEBPAGE!!

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