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Water Bear

STR d4+3 INT 1 (an. d2)

DEX d3+2 WIL d3+1

CON d6+4 PER 1 (an. 1)

dur as CON AC 4+/3/2/1

Mov walk 2 swim 1 # act. 1

RS M/1


ram 2/1/- 1s/2s/- (LI/O)

Defenses armor d3 (LI), d2-1 (HI), d2-1 (En)

-1 vs melee

-2 vs ranged

Skills none

Desc This very mutated arachnid is considered the cow of the sea by many. It is an oval with 8 legs and a small head. The true, unmutated water bear (tardigrade) looks the same, but is much smaller (.005 m long

at most) and is missing some organ system. But both have an amazing ability, they can last upto 30 years without water. It just seems to wither up and collapse in on itself, but just giving it some water and it will walk away unharmed.

Cmbt Water bears only defend themselves, never attacking. They just try to waddle up and ram the aggressor, if moving away does not work.

Hab/Soc Many undersea nations farm water bears for food. It is almost to the point of cattle, but water bears can live in the wild without supervision.

Biome ocean bed

Encounter chance possible

Group size 30-3000

Org herd

Niche low level herbivore

IQ low level animal