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Vulture Lion

Str: 13 (2d4+8) # Appearing: 3-12

Dex: 9 (2d6+1)

Con: 18 (2d4+13)

Int: 5-6 (2d4+1)

Wil: 12 (2d6+5)

Per: 15 (2d8+6

Durability: 25/25/12/12 Action Check: 8+/4/2

Move: 22/14/4 Actions 3


Claw/Claw 2d6w/d4+1m/d6+2m LI/G

Bite d6+2w/d8+2w/d4+2m LI/O


+1 resistance modifier vs. Arcane magic & Faith FX speciality skills.

Armor rating: d6+1(LI) / d4(HI)/ d4-1 (EN) Good toughness.


Athletics (13)- Climb (15), Jump (17),Acrobatics (9)- Fall (12), Stealth (10),Stamina (18)- Endurance (21) ,Awareness (12)- Intuition(18), Perception (14) ,Resolve (12).

Description: These beasts have the body of a lion and the head and talons of a vulture. Massive beasts, 10' tall at the shoulder. They fight fiercely , never needing to check morale. This is a truly viscious creature that would give a T-Rex a tough time, + don't forget there is almost always more than one!

Converted from the old TSR Deities & Demigods Tome (the one with the Melnibonean Mythos!)

Conversion by Brutorz Bill