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STR 13 (d8+8) INT 8 (d8+3)

DEX 9 (2d6+2) WIL 8 (d8+3)

CON 12 (2d4+6) PER 7 (2d4+2)

dur as CON Action Check : 11+/10/5/2

Mov : Walk 4, Run 12, Sprint 20 # act. 2

RS : Marginal/1


Weapon as weapon


Variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Melee Weapons, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Enhanced Sense : Hearing ; Adaptation ,Environment: Arid (especially in and around the sulfur plains), Enhanced Strength, Vascular Control, Psi Sensitivity.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Minor Physical Change (Red skin, pointed ears, black eyes), Primitive (view artifacts as sacred relics of their god, and will NOT use them).

Desc: Large (6’+) heavily muscled humanoids, with scarlet red skin, slightly pointed ears, black hair and black eyes. They traditionally wear blackened leather armor, with no helms or arm protection. Veteran warriors can be easily spotted by the ritual tattoos that adorn their arms and shaved heads.

Cmbt: The volraathi are highly skilled warriors, specializing in melee combat. While they will use primitive ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows, their true love is hand to hand combat. In High demand as shock troops and bodyguards. Their Psi-Sensitivity ability makes them quite useful as bodyguards.

Hab: Sulfur Plains

Soc: The volraathi are a race of warriors first and foremost. Their society revolves around their Wargod Volrath. They await his summons for them to join in the final battle, until that time they train constantly, many working as mercenaries (they prefer the term janissaries) for other races in order to better hone their skills. When a male makes his first kill he earns his first tattoo and from then on keeps his head shaved. To a volraathi a male with a full head of hair is either still a child or the equivalent of a woman. Any interaction skill checks between a male of another race with a full head of hair, and a volraathi (even a female one) suffer a 2 step penalty, as the volraathi view the being as not worthy of their full attention. The volraathi while capable of using artifacts and hi-tech weapons refuse to do so. These devices are viewed as sacred relics of their god. Volrath will personally train them with these weapons when the time is right. As a result of this many volraathi clans are rumored to have vast stores of hi-tech weapons and equipment, though this has never been confirmed.

Side Note: There is much speculation among certain sages that the volraathi are not actually wild mutations created by the Apocalypse but are in fact descendants of a genetically engineered warrior race. One piece of data ,that may be related to this, is that another fearsome mutant race the Stenax worship a curious humanoid statue of their god ; that they refer to as "Vol". Purely coincidence? One must wonder…

Biome: Sulfur Plains, but Janissaries can be found anywhere.

Encounter chance: Unlikely

Group size: 1-6 (d6)

Org: Clan

IQ: Low-tech Sentient

Created by Brutorz Bill

Awesome Art by John Traglio.