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The Following are some Statless Creatures and Plants to add to your Campaigns.

Chokeweed: This spikey-leafed plant grows wild throughout the Plains of Meriga. The stem and leaves contain a noxious resin which, when ingested, can cause asphyxiation within ten minutes' time (hence the plant's name). Dull-witted beasts sometimes graze on chokeweed, often with fatal results. It is possible to isolate the plant's resin for use as a poison, an arduous practice which is seldom undertaken except by assassins of the Red Death Cryptic Alliance. (Adapted from Talislanta RPG)

Fungoid: Fungoids are a type of giant fungus native to the Mushroom Forests. These organisms grow in a variety of shades, colors, and sizes, including ; pink puffballs, translucent orb fungoid (up to ten feet in diameter), branching yellow fungoid, grey discs, orange fan-shaped fungoid, and a hundred others. Some fungoids are mildly poisonous, though most are benign. All possess phosphorescent properties, and cast an eerie glow by night. (Adapted from Talislanta RPG)

Giant Mushroom: These umbrella-shaped mutant fungi are the heart of the eerie Mushroom Forests. They range in size from the smaller 2-6 foot types, to massive specimens which stand up to eighty feet or more in height. Small creatures often make their home in the stems and caps of these giant fungi, which emit a phosphorescent glow at night. (Adapted from Talislanta RPG)

Mule Beetle - This giant mutant beetle has been successfully domesticated. The beetle has no natural attacks and is quite docile. While trainable for simple plowing and hauling tasks the beasts are neither bright nor fast.

Flutterfly -(Giant Mutant Butterfly) These mutant insects are very beautiful and feed upon the nectar of various mutant flowers. Several attempts have been made to domesticate them, but so far none have succeeded. It is considered bad luck to kill a Flutterfly.

Steak Wurms-These mutant worms are considered to be quite tasty. A large steak wurm can feed a small village. Some Seekers have even become Steak Wurm farmers (ranchers).

MoonBats - These mutant albino bats are very similar to normal brown bats, except under moonlight, their fur takes on an eerie glow. This light attracts insects that the bats feed upon.

Grey Baobab: This variety of fruiting tropical tree grows to a height of abut twenty feet, and has a thick trunk which can measure up to ten feet in diameter. Its squat appearance is such that the grey baobab is commonly known as the Barrel tree; an appropriate name, for the baobab's hollow trunk often contains up to forty gallons of potable water, which the tree absorbs through its roots. Among the other virtues of the grey baobab are its bark (used in the making of rope) and its five-pound fruit (which contains a sweet, nutritious pulp). (Adapted from the Talislanta RPG)

Neurozoid: Neurozoids are a rare and bizarre-looking form of ambulatory (walk 1) fungus found only in giant mushroom forests. These organisms resemble great (1-4 feet in diameter) masses of pulsating brain tissue. Despite appearances. the fungus is not a sentient entity. Neurozoids graze on slimes and molds. moving slowly across the terrain. They are quite harmless. Many Sleeth have been known to use the fungus in their "gardens". (Adapted from the Talislanta RPG)

Unless otherwise noted, the above critters/plants/etc. were created by Brutorz Bill.