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Slimy grazer

STR d6+3 INT 1 (an. 1)

DEX d2+3 WIL 2d4

CON d6+6 PER 1 (an. 1)

dur as CON AC 7+/6/3/1

Mov walk 1 swim 2 # act. 1

RS M/1

Mutations: gills, toxin tolerance, redundant vital organs

Defects: diminished senses, slight, sound sensitivity


Bite 7/3/1 d3s/d4+1s/d6s (LI/O)


Defenses armor none

-2 vs melee

-3 vs ranged



Desc Slimy grazers are giant sea slugs found in the Great Western Ocean. To see one is considered to be good luck because of their feeding habits.

Cmbt Only the desperate hunt ' grazers even though they are almost helpless. They can retaliate with a bite, but thats it.

Hab Slimy grazers are found only near their only food source- sea lilies. As there are hundreds of thousands of patches of sea lilies in Putrid Sound, 'grazers are a semi-common sight.

Soc Slimy grazers congegrate only because of food, otherwise they are solitary except during the fall mating season. Even then, they do not search each other out, but will mate if they come in contact with each other.

Biome Anywhere sea lilies are found in the Great Western Ocean

Encounter chance Probable

Group size 1 to d6

Org solitary

Niche low level carnivore

IQ low order animal