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Porkies (Mutant Porcupines)

STR d6+3 INT 1 (an. d3)

DEX d4+1 WIL d3

CON d4+1 PER 1 (an. d3)

dur as CON AC 8+/7/3/1

Mov walk 2 # act 1

RS M/1


Quills see below d2w/d3w/d4+1w (LI/O)

plus poison

Defenses armor none

-2 vs melee

-2 vs ranged


Acrobatics- climb 8; Awareness- perception 8.

Mutations/powers: poisonous quills, claws

Desc These are the new species of porkies. They have evolved a way of converting the chlorine in the salt they enjoy so much into a deadly toxin in their quills. They also now have claws that allow them to grasp

the ground and not be tipped over by predators (a STR feat check at -1 to attempt to tip one over- a CF means a quill impalement).

Cmbt Porcupines do not attack. If attacked a porky will raise its quills and let the aggressor impale itself on them. Those attacking one with a weapon shorter than .75 m, must make a DEX feat at -1- a CF means d4+1 quills are embedded, a F means d2 quills are embedded, and O-A means no quills are embedded. Each quill has the equivalent of one dose of standard hemotoxin (from the GMG).

Hab Porcupines are found in the northern forests all over Meriga. They prefer coniferous forests, but will be anywhere snow falls regularly. Because of their dense fur and quills they fair poorly in warm regions.

Soc Porcupines are solitary animals. Each year a female may have 1 or 2 kits- and this is the only time they congregate.

Biome northern forests

Encounter chance probable in conifers, unlikely in hardwood

Group size 1 or d3

Org solitary

Niche herbivore

IQ low order animal