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Animal Bane

+4 Bonus Skill Points, WIL

Animals of all kinds have an innate dislike of any character who has this flaw. The character will find it extremely difficult, if not outright impossible to befriend any animal. On all encounters with normal animals the person suffers a +2 step penalty. The person makes animal handling skill checks with a +1 penalty, in addition to other modifiers that may apply. This flaw makes it almost impossible for the character to to train an animal to do anything, simply preventing the animal from growling at the character at all times would be a major accomplishment! This flaw has no effect on sentient or unintelligent creatures.

Yeah, I know it's just the opposite of Animal Friend, so sue me. B.B.


+4 Bonus Skill Points, WIL

The character is either inherently mean or viscious, or suffers from a lack of control due to desensitization or dehumanizing training. When in a battle, he will attempt to kill his opponent by any means possible. The character will always use lethal force, even in a bar fight. The character will make sure a defeated foe is dead, even if they already seem to be. The person does not necessarily have a short fuse, he could be a calm individual. If there comes time when he must accept a foe's surrender, he must make a resolve check with a +1 step penalty, failure means he kill's his opponent anyway. Even if a prisoner is taken, they will live only as long as they are useful to the character.

I had a player once who might as well have had this flaw. B.B.


+3 Bonus Skill Points,WIL

The character has difficulty sleeping or is plagued by constant nightmares. He must make a successful WIL check each night in order to fall asleep, Success requires a Good or better result to avoid the following penalties: He is constantly tired, reduce fatigue points by half, also actions which require endurance and prolonged concentration suffer a +1 step penalty. The only upside to Insomnia is sentries stuck with the night shift.

I've never had this problem, hope I never do. -Brutorz Bill


MPVS : Melanin Pigment Variant Syndrome.