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STR 4-13 INT 4-14

DEX 4-14 WIL 7-15

CON 7-15 PER 4-12

dur as CON Action Check : 14+/13/6/3

Mov: Walk 4 , Run 10 , Swim 8 # act. 2

RS: Ordinary/2


Weapon as weapon


variable defenses


Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Movement, Stamina, Kowledge, Awareness, Interaction.

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Toxin Tolerance, Improved Senses (hearing only), New Body Parts (Webbed- duck-like feet, 2 step bonus to all swim skill checks), Telepathic Resistance, Camouflage (In their natural surroundings, they are very difficult to see, any ranged attacks vs. them suffer a +1 step penalty).

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Physical Change;Major (Duck-like feet, extremely large ears, tall gaunt appearance), Environmental Sensitivity; Slight (Arid conditions). Poor Looks (as the flaw).

Desc : These rare mutant humanoids are extremely tall (6'6'' average) and extremely thin with an average lifespan of 80 years. They have gaunt, somewhat homely features; long pointed nose and chin, large ears and long, lank greenish-grey hair-like tiny flat reeds. Their large webbed feet are duck-like and horny, while their skin is a muddy dun color.

Cmbt: If at all possible Marsh-wiggles avoid combat. This does not mean they are weak and helpless. Far from it, living in the marsh-lands of Meriga, the wiggles must face a whole host of dangers, such as Mud Puppies & Gators. When armed & armored for combat wiggles tend to wear leather or studded leather armor, In combat they rely mainly on sling, spear (long), bow and occasionally a trident. If possible, Marsh-wiggles will attack from ambush with ranged weapons, attempting to drive away opponents. They never pursue a foe beyond their marshlands, unless fellow wiggles have been kidnapped/captured.

Hab: They dwell in temperate fens or marshy areas abundant with rushes, cat-tails, reeds and low stunted trees where their drab, homespun earth-color garb (drab yellow/green in Spring) added to their natural appearance renders them almost invisible.

Soc : Their habitual expression is one of quietly resigned, fatalistic melancholy for few beings have a more dismal view of life. Marsh-wiggles tend to a dolefully forlorn pessimism-not whining or complaint but with a dismally philosophical acceptance; "it's no use worrying; nothing's going to turn out right anyway!" (Some other races may find this mildly amusing.) Despite this, wiggles are neither cowards nor quitters. In fact, this attitude may be more a preparation in case anything does go wrong. They might not be as sincerely mournful as they let on for they are not inclined to despair, even when the going gets rough.

This quietly fatalistic resolution and indominability is coupled with a gentle decency and accomodating nature. They are neither inhospitable nor unconcerned over injustice or the hardships or others. As generally 'good' people, they can be charitable, courteous, obliging and brave.

A solitary race, they dwell in wigwams of bark, rushes or tanned hides; either alone (50%) or as a family unit- a married pair with 1-3 children. Sometimes an entire clan is scattered over a wide area. They are 80% likely to be encountered in their settlement. Enjoying their privacy, they live quietly, fishing, fowl-netting, hunting and farming a little.

Marsh-wiggles are extremely reluctant to leave their quiet peaceful, mostly uneventful life to go exploring. On the rare occasion that one does, other wiggles consider it 'strange' and 'too full of high spirits'. Though even these adventurous ones avoid hot, arid lands.

Encounter chance: Slim

Group size: 1-4

IQ: Sentient

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from White Dwarf #52 (original creature by Fred Lee Cain).