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The Mange

STR 1 INT 1 (an. d3)
DEX 2d4+4 WIL d4+2
CON 1 PER 1 (an. d4)
Durability as CON Action Check 6+/5/2/1
Movement walk 4 # of actions 1
Reaction Score O/1
Mutations: natural attack
Defects: none

Bite 6/3/1 d2s/d4s/d2w (LI/O)

Defenses armor none
-3 vs melee
+2 vs ranged

Awareness- perception 6

Description Mange are rodents that feed like piranhas. They look like ordinary white-footed mice, but are found in groups of 200+.

Encounter The Mange are detected easily- they usually follow a stampede of terrified animals. They attack any animals to slow or to tired to escape and will eat carrion. Up to 50 can attack a human sized animal, and the stats above are for groups of 10.

Habitat The Mange are found all over Meriga. The only place where they are not found are the deserts and alpine regions.

Biome Any Dry Land except Desert
Encounter chance Slim
Group size 10d4X20
Organization Swarm
Niche Low Level carnivore
IQ Low Order animal

Based on an idea by Myridian. Thanks to Neil for the name.
Critter by Derek Holland