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Part II (for Part I see the Ichthyosaurus entry)

Quill gagged and sputtered, laying near exhaustion in the bottom of the rowboat. He leaned up on one arm, pausing to wipe his bloody nose. Looking at Blink, "Quite an adventure! Eh brother?", laughing."How about going for that swim now, dear Blink?, more laughter. Blink glared menacingly at his brother. "I oughta beat your brains out with this oar!, You brainless Obb!" Blink couldn't help but smile, Quill was the only family he had, so he guessed he'd best make the most of him.

"We'd best get back to shore before Ram Jam gets back, the less he knows about this the better." The two settled at the oars and prepared to head back to the beach. Blink paused and looked at the reptile carcass floating nearby, already covered in a swarm of kelp flies. "Wonder what they taste like?", Blink muttered.

Quill couldn't resist the chance…"Bet it tastes like chicken!" Quill erupted in crazed laughter…

Blink shook his head, Quill loved that old joke of the Ancients, guess it was one of their jokes, neither his brother nor anyone else they knew, could tell them even what a chicken was, much less what it tasted like.

The boat heaved and shook, salt water splashed their faces. "What the Hell was that?!" Blink looked about, a very bad feeling creeping up his neck…..

Glock walked across the deck, eyeing the crew. He was no Ram Jam, but they respected him, well they respected the weapon he always kept at his side. A powerful gun of the Ancients, he'd even taken his name from the writing on it's side. Something bumped his leg. Looking down he couldn't help but grin. One of the ship's hounds was nudging against his leg. Land-folk would think it just a dog, but a seaman knew better. Known as Sailor's Pups this breed of dog was a sailor's best friend, skilled swimmers, mean as hell during boarding attacks, and they wouldn't hesitate to jump in the sea to save a sailor. Glock reached down and scratched the dog behind his ears. Straightening up he looked out at the open sea, then back inland. Sighing deeply, "All right it's time, let's go pick up the captain." Commanding his own ship and crew would have to wait for another day. Glock still needed Ram Jam, for now…..

"The Carcass! The fish carcass is GONE!" Blink knew they were in trouble, something, had come up, and taken the dead lizard completely under. Quill wasn't laughing, "Probably a shark, it's got a full belly now", weak grin. Blink wasn't convinced, "C'mon let's get to the beach!", The two brothers began rowing for all they were worth. Beads of sweat lined their foreheads. Kelp flies swarmed about the boat, and began biting them, especially Quill, his spines were no deterrent for the hungry insects, his sweaty, bloody body was a beacon to them. Drops of blood ran down Quill's arm, down the oar, and into the water…

Ram Jam cleared the last of the jungle undergrowth, and made his way out onto the open beach. No boat! Mol stumbled behind him, dodging a particularly nasty looking Pincer bug, the size of a Moon Whisky Jug. Ram Jam took a smoke of his cigar, and absently flicked it at the beetle, the cinders and smell sent the bug scampering into the bushes. The massive mutant gorilla raised his pair of Farlooks and quickly spotted the pair of troubled brothers, as well as, his own ship now heading into the bay.

"Good, the beast will soon be fed," turning to Mol," signal Glock to send another rowboat", Mol was confused but did as he was told, in moments he had started a small fire, using special plants to color the smoke.

Blink spotted the smoke, confused. "He must not see us brother, Ram Jam is signaling for another rowboat?!" Blink turned around to look at his brother, Blink froze, he couldn't breathe, speak, nothing. Coming directly behind them was the biggest thing he had ever seen in his life! An enormous maw had erupted from the sea. A form that boggled the mind. Cold Reptilian eyes looked upon the tiny boat. The Liopleurodon was still hungry! Quill looked at the strange expression on Blink's face,"What is it brother? What's wrong?"….Blink whispered,"gg-good-bbye brother…" Quill turned around and Screamed!

Massive hairy hands, rudely jerked Blink up from the sand. "Get up you Shit!" Ram Jam snarled. Mol helped Blink into Glock's rowboat. Glock kept his hand on his pistol, the oarsmen rapidly headed for the pirate ship, all crewmen fearfully watched the water, all except Ram Jam. Blink shook his head, fighting back tears. He couldn't have saved Quill, his teleporting power just wasn't strong enough, or was it?" Ram Jam looked at the teleporter, Quill had been a nuisance, useful in the end but with him gone, he could now mold Blink into a true pirate ….

Liopleurodon (giant crocodile)

STR 2d4+12 INT d3

DEX d6+2 WIL d4+8

CON d4+14 PER d2

dur as CON AC 12+/11/5/2

Mov walk .5 swim 6 # act. 1

RS O/1


Bite 22/11/5 2d4w/3d4+2w/d6+1m (LI/G)

Defenses armor d6+2 (LI), d4+1 (HI), d4 (En)

+4 vs melee

+2 vs ranged


Stamina- endurance 6; Movement- swim 8; Awareness- perception 4;

Investigate- search 3, track 6; Resolve- physical 10

Mutations/powers: none

Biome Deep tropical reef and continental shelf

Encounter chance slim

Group size 1

Org solitary

Niche top level carnivore

IQ high level animal

Desc This large marine reptile is a cousin to the dinosaurs. It looks like a lizard with a alligator head (that is 1/4 of its length) and flippers instead of legs. Depending on the species and its habitat, the

giant croc is either mottled (reef dwellers) or blue above and off white below (shelf dwellers). It is so large that it can swallow an animal 4 meters long and has been known to eat whole row boats. Like all other

reptiles, it must breathe air, and does so every hour.

Cmbt The reef dwellers are adept at ambushing prey. They sit on the bottom, waiting until something swims within 8 meters and then strikes. If it misses, the Liopleurodon then follow that animal for up to 4 hours. The shelf dwellers hunt by tracking prey via sight and motion (ie it can feel disturbances in the water). They will also try to out run or tire prey that they detect.

Hab Reef dwellers are found among the reefs east of the Americas. Shelf dwellers are found on both side of the Atlantic.

Soc Liopleurodon hunt alone- there not enough food (mostly squid, octopi and sharks) to feed two in one territory. They are quite combative and will defend their territories to the death. They are live bearing and produce 10-12 young annually.

 Conversion by Derek

Fiction by Brutorz Bill