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(Jaka Manhunter)

STR 4-15 INT 4-13

DEX 7-15 WIL 4-14

CON 4-14 PER 4-12

dur as CON Action Check : 12+/11/5/2

Mov: Walk 4 , Run 12, Sprint 18 # act. 2

RS: Marginal/1


Weapon as weapon


variable defenses


Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Melee Weapons, Animal Handling, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness.

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Catfall (Land on feet after falls up to thirty feet), Danger Sense, Night Vision, Heightened Senses (smell only), Tracking (Jaka gain a -2 step bonus to all Investigate-track skill checks, and automatically gain 1 rank in Investigate-track for every 3 character levels (3rd, 6th,9th, etc.) they possess. In situations where their sense of smell can be used they receive an additional 2 step bonus to their tracking skill checks. Beastmasters also have the Animal Friend Perk.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Phobia ;Ancient Tech (Jaka may react to Ancient Tech in an irrational or superstitious manner, suffer a +1 step penalty when triggered, also See Sidebar below).

Desc : The Jaka are a striking people, with sleek black fur, a silvery-gray mane, and blazing green eyes. Most stand about six feet in height, a certain lithe muscularity being a common trait of all members of this race. Jaka dress in loincloths, with vests of toughened and boiled leather for protection. All wear

Pendants, that the Jaka believe protect them from the "evil eye" (See Sidebar note.)

Physical Characteristics: Sleek Black Fur, silvery-gray mane, blazing green eyes, lithe muscularity, features a cross between a wolf and a panther.

Height: 5'10"-6'2".

Weight: 120- 180lbs.

Cmbt: While considered by many to be savage beastmen, in truth, the Jaka are a peaceful people, at least amongst themselves. It is unheard of for a Jaka to hunt/attack another Jaka. It is only when angered or in danger does the average Jaka exhibit it's more feral nature. Since most "civilized" folk only encounter Jaka bounty hunters, the entire race has been stereotyped as savage bountyhunters/manhunters. Despite a dread of Ancient technology, they are nearly fearless in battle. Stealthy fighters, a Jaka ambush is truly a frightening thing to encounter.

Hab: Temperate to sub-tropical Forests, though Manhunters can be found anywhere stalking their quarry.

Soc :. It is difficult to generalize about the Jaka, as they are a fiercely independent folk who value freedom above all things. Some prefer to live alone, or in mated pairs. Others hunt and trade in small bands of up to a dozen or so individuals. They make no permanent dwellings, though a group of Jaka may mark an expanse of woods or hills as their territory and settle in the region for a time. Most prefer to live in the wild, though some readily associate with "civilized" peoples.

Jaka tend to be suspicious by nature, a trait that is perhaps attributable to their uncanny acute senses. The Jaka sixth sense, which alerts them to the presence of danger, is so acute that the creatures occasionally evince behavior that verges on paranoia. While the Jaka are loners at heart, they are known to make steadfast, if not particularly sociable, companions. They are equally famous for turning on those who seek to cross them, and are quite capable of cold-blooded murder if the situation warrants.

Jaka fashion superior horn bows and articles of bone, hide, and furs, decorating their wares with elaborate designs. Jaka do not play musical instruments, though singing is an old tradition among these folk. To most peoples, Jaka "songs" sound like the howling of timber-beasts.

Worldview: The Jaka remain as they always have been: independent and free to do as they wish , never bound to country/alliance or creed. Those who are ignorant of their ways sometimes confuse Jaka with Beastmen or other mutant races. To a Jaka, this is a grave insult.


Superstition or Intuition?

According to the Sleeth Sage Aristocles Silverscales, it is considered an established fact that the Jaka exhibit a deep-rooted aversion for Ancient Relics & Artifacts, a trait that many believe is based upon ignorance and superstition. What is not generally known is that the Jaka do not fear Ancient Tech so much as they distrust it.

This attitude can be traced to two sources. First, the Jaka have seen the effects that The Apocalypse had on the continent of Meriga, and are well aware of the destructive and unpredictable forces that can be unleashed by the misuse of Artifacts. Second and perhaps more importantly, close proximity to powerful energies can activate the Jaka's uncanny "sixth sense," which warns them when they are in the presence of danger; a not altogether inappropriate response, give the potential for mishaps and unintentional

side-affects associated with the use of Ancient Tech.

While the talismans that Jaka wear to ward against "the Evil Eye" are believed by the Jaka to confer a degree of protection from certain types of black magic, these devices are not worn strictly for superstitious reasons. Instead some believe that the talismans may also serve to lessen the Jaka's subconscious "danger response," enabling them to evaluate conditions on a more conscious basis when in the presence of Artifacts & similar items. If true, then the Jaka's aversion to Ancient Tech would seem to be based more on intuition then mere superstition. Without his Talisman a Jaka suffers a +2 step penalty ,to all actions, when faced with energized Artifacts of the Ancients.

Special Classes:

The Manhunters: Amongst the races of Meriga few can surpass the Jaka Manhunters' skills as a tracker. Coupled with their heightened senses, stealth and uncanny Sixth Sense, few beings can escape a Jaka Manhunter on his trail. Certain sages have pondered why some members of this race leave their homeland and seek their fortunes as bounty-hunters. The truth may be more disturbing than one might think. Certain Restorationists claim to have found documents indicating that the Jaka are a creation of the Ancients! Indeed if sources can be believed, the Jaka were genetically engineered to be a sort of super-tracker. Perhaps even their aversion to technology is an engineered trait, to prevent the Jaka from uprising, using technology. Though many doubt this, citing that if the Jaka indeed pre-dated the Apocalypse, seeing first hand the effects of such weaponry is the cause of their "fear". The debates continue. The Jaka are not saying.

The Beastmasters: Another "specialized" class of Jaka, is the Beastmaster. These beings have an additional perk others of their race lack, that of Animal Empathy. Much like the Grens, Jaka Beastmasters have an uncanny rapport with animals. They have tamed beasts, which are considered untamable. A particular trademark "pet" of a Beastmaster, is the Nighthawk. Though Manhunters may have a Nighthawk companion, it was no doubt initially trained/tamed by a Beastmaster.

The Traders: Not all Jaka are fierce hunters, animal masters, warriors etc. some have embraced the calling of Merchant/Trader. While not as grand or fearsome as a Beast Lord or some such, if it were not for these rare individuals certain rare items/goods (like the Nighthawk) would not be found in the hands of a non-jaka.

Biome: Temperate and equatorial zones.

Encounter chance: Unlikely

Group size: 1 (1-4 for a particularly difficult hunt)

Organization: Tribal

IQ: Sentient

Standard Equipment of a Jaka Manhunter; Loincloth, vest, leg and arm bracers (all of boiled leather), talisman worn on thong around neck, short bow with quiver of twenty arrows, longsword, dagger, rope, and usually some form of steed.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from Talislanta 10th Anniversary Ed. (much of the text is straight from the book).

Special Thanks to Mark Edward Reed for providing me information on the Jaka.