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Sline (night stalker)

STR d8+8 INT d6+4

DEX d6+8 WIL d6+4

CON d6+6 PER d8+4

dur as CON AC 18+/17/8/4

Mov spr. 60 run 36 walk 12 # act. 3

RS G/2


Claws 14/7/3 d3w/d6+2w/d6+3w (LI/G)

Bite 16/8/4 d6w/d8+2w/d4+1m (LI/G)

Pounce 18/9/4 d6s/d8+4s/d12+4s (LI/O)

Defenses armor d4+2 (LI), d4 (HI), 0 (En)

+2 vs melee

+2 vs ranged

takes double damage from light based attacks immune to black-ray weapons


Athletics- climb 4, jump 4; Unarmed Attack-brawl 5; Acrobatics; Stealth-hide 8, shadow 6, sneak 8; Stamina, Tactics- pack 6; Awareness- intuition 8, perception 5; Investigate- track 6; Resolve- physical 3, mental 4. Adult males have Leadership- command 2, inspire 4.

Mutations/powers: Nocturnal, photosensitivity, heightened balance, heightened precision, heightened DEX, heightened hearing and smell, and blind, intuition

Desc These big cats are virtually unknown in Meriga because of their hunting patterns. Slines are cougars with black fur, no eyes, and oversized ears. Thier fangs and claws have a similar strength to the mandibles of the cal-then.

Cmbt Slines hunt only at night and in small packs. In selecting prey, a pack never picks a group of animals largers than itself. And they seem to know if a target is more than they can handle. A pack strikes from the trees, tring to bowl over and stun the target(s). Then they rip in to it with their claws and fangs, trying to shred the food quickly into eatable portions. If they sense something approaching, a sline pack will try to drag the prey in to the trees and hide it. They also eat their dead and severely wounded. They seem to be immune to black-ray weapons, the reason for this is unknown.

Hab Slines are only found where there are deciduous trees that can support them. They always avoid buildings for hunting and will use abandoned buildings for dens. Otherwise they use caves or other animal

dens to hide from the sun during the day.

Soc Slines are a very secretive race who go to any lengths to hide their existance. The packs are made up of 1 to 3 males who lead the hunt. The rest are females and young (75%/25%) who, if more than a year old assist in the hunt.

Biome old growth deciduous forest

Encounter chance slim

Group number 3d4

Org pack

Niche top level carnivore

IQ sentient

Creature by Derek

PS I got the idea from Pitch Black and the Wolfen.