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STR 7 (d4+7) INT 2 (Animal 5 or d4+3)

DEX 9 (d4+7) WIL 10 (d4+8)

CON 7 (d4+7) PER 1 (Animal 4 or d4+2)

dur as CON Action Check : 13+/12/6/3

Mov : Walk 10 , Run 24, # act. 1

RS Ordinary/1


Bite 12/6/3 1s/1w/d4w LI/O + poison (see text)

Hypnotizing Scales (see below)


+1 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

+1 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor d4-2 (LI/O), none (HI), d4-2 (En)


Unarmed Attack (7); Stealth (10)-hide (15); Stamina (7)-endurance (10); Awareness (10); Resolve (10)-physical resolve (12).

Special Abilities : Hypnotizing Scales (Victim must make a Resolve-mental resolve skill check or fall into a stupor for 1d10x2 minutes).

Desc : Poisonous snakes with vivid green eyes, Serpis are a continual hazard in the jungles and swamps. Many travelers suffer painful or deadly bites on the lower leg or foot from these hazardous animals. High boots do offer good protection, but most of the primitives found in the realms of the Serpis seldom have such footwear. These snakes avoid larger creatures unless surprised or very hungry. When surprised, Serpis rely on the hypnotic qualities of their scales to fend off attackers. The scales constantly form colorful patterns in reds, yellows, blues and greens, and no two patterns are ever the same.

Size: 1-10'

Weight: 2-12 lbs.
Average Lifespan: 8-15 years

Combat: In addition to their hypnotic scales the Serpis have a poisonous bite. The venom is an insinuative hemotoxin. The victim must make a Con feat check with a +1 penalty to resist the poison. The onset time is 5 minutes.

Habitat: Jungles and Wastelands

Biome : Tropical Forests, Deserts

Encounter chance : Unlikely

Group size : 1-6

Org: Solitary

Niche: small carnivore

IQ : low-order animal

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from the Talislanta RPG