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STR 9-16 INT 4-9

DEX 7-15 WIL 4-12

CON 9-16 PER 4-12

dur as CON Action Check : 12+/11/5/2

Mov : Walk 4 , Run 12 # act. 2

RS : Ordinary/1


Specially sharpened swords (see below)


variable defenses

immune to telepathic probes

due to their crazed state, all attempts to resist horrific effects/encounters are made with a 4 step bonus

Armor (None)

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Melee Weapons, Stamina, Survival, Awareness, Resolve

Mutations/powers/ Racial abilities:

Specially Sharpened Swords: In addition to the qullan's great strength and size, they have a special ability to hone swords to an incredible sharpness (see below for info), Radiate Confusion: All members of the qullan race continually radiate confusion in a 5' radius. Anyone in melee with them must make a Resolve- mental resolve skill check, or be confused, if one fails his skill check, roll 1d6; (1-2 means person stands still; 3-4 means they attack the qullan, 5-6 means they attack a friend, this roll is repeated each round until the victim saves). A victim may attempt to resist the effects each melee round he is within the radius of effect, and the effect disappears if he moves outside that radius of effect.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws : Primitive (as the flaw), Null Psionics (due to their warped minds, qullan cannot possess psionic abilities), Racial Infamy (not that they would ever try to interact with anyone, but if they did they would suffer a +3 step penalty on all Personality-based skill checks due to their violent reputation).

Desc : Strong, large (8’), seemingly insane humanoids which wear warpaint in a wild variety of clashing colors and sport their battle scars proudly, often emphasizing them with cosmetic paint. They never wear armor, either wandering naked or clad in tiger-skins.
Weight: 250-400 lbs.
Average Lifespan: 30 years, a qullan who reaches 50 is completely unheard of.
Language: Native Qullan (No known non-qullan speak this tongue)

Cmbt : Favorite Weapon: Specially sharpened broadswords: qullan's have mastered a technique in sharpening swords that no human or humanoid has been able to copy. These swords hit at +3 step bonus to strike and have a +3 damage bonus. However, the swords blunt easily- there is a cumulative 20% chance per hit that the sword will be blunted and will revert to normal broadsword properties. They wield these swords two-handed. The weapons are otherwise treated as normal Broad Swords.

Soc :

Qullans have never been befriended by human or near-human races; without exception, every encounter has seen the qullans attacking, irrespective of alignment or size of the party. Qullans are so totally chaotic, that any attempt to force one to do anything it would not normally do causes its inherent powers of confusion to 'feed back', resulting in the instant death of the creature (this same reaction occurs whenever a qullan fails to resist against any mind control attempts (no one has successfully performed a telepathic probe of a Qullan, their minds are an indecipherable chaotic quagmire). Thus, no-one has ever been able to induce a qullan to restore the edge to one of their fine broadswords for a non-qullan. A human or near-human may use a qullan sword in melee, with the sword having the same chance of blunting if it scores a hit.

Biome : Tropical Jungles

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 1-6 (but reports of massive war parties have occured)

Org : Tribal

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : Sentient

Converted from TSR’s old Fiend Folio

Conversion by Brutorz Bill