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Keladonn (referred to by humans as Moss-Men)

STR 8-14

DEX 4-14

CON 9-15

INT 4-14

WIL 4-14

PER 4-12

Free Racial Skill groups

STR - Athleltics

DEX- Vehicle Operation

CON- Stamina

INT- Knowledge

WILL- Awareness, Resolve

PER- ......

Racial Advantages: Photosynthesis :

Can derive nourishment exclusively from ultraviolet rays for one month.

Plant-like resilience -Enhanced Healing

-1 step bonus to all stamina-endurance checks related to mortal damage.

1x per day can make a Resolve/ Physical Resolve check :

Ordinary success = 2 stun points recovered

Good success= 3 stun points & 1 wound recovered

Amazing= 4 stun points, 2 wounds, and 1 mortal recovered.

Also with rest, food water & sunlight can regenerate lost limbs within 3d4x10 days.

Racial Disadvantages:

Intoxicated by ingesting refined sugar. A tablespoon of sugar to a keladonn is the

equivalent of strong liquor to a human, however, alcohol has no effect on them.

In darkness all Moss-Men must make a resolve check with a 1 step penalty!

Critical Failure means the being flees to a lighted area immediately!

Marginal roll = +2 step penalty on all actions until back in a lighted area.

Ordinary success= can get around normally, but suffers a +1 step penalty for 2 rounds.

Good success= suffers only a +1 step penalty for 1 round.

Amazing success= functions with no penalties!


The Keladonn are a mysterious race of humanoids composed of a dull green vegetation. They are average humanoid height, and their bodies are covered with a lichen-like fuzz. Their heads are human-like, with obvious eyes, and a mouth, though no nose is apparent.

There are very few of these plant aliens in the galaxy, which sparks many speculations on their origin. Many people believe the keladonn are either a new race in the galaxy, or are members of a dying one, because there are so few known to exist and they are scattered throughout space. In truth, they are the survivors of a war in another galaxy. The keladonn were engaged in a war with a race of beings, that they refer to as the Dark Ones. The keladonn were losing this war. In an act of desperation, they had hidden their last large military base near a black hole to help conceal it from their enemies, but the unrelenting invaders found them. One of their large military space stations was thrown out of orbit by an attack and drifted off, as the battle continued. The drifting station was pulled into the black hole and was subjected to a space (& time?) warping anomaly that flung them into the Milky Way galaxy. Other keladonn may have escaped the onslaught, but are scattered across the universe.

The few thousand in the Milky Way have decided to rebuild their race. While some search for a new world to inhabit, most have found a place living with other beings. However, such alliances are tentative.

No one is sure about the keladonn's goals or motives.

They know how to use advanced weapons, vehicles and computers, which seems to confirm that they were a technologically advanced race. The quality of their space station ( what survived ) is also an indication that their tech-level was high (Progress Level : 8). By selling the remains of their space station as scrap and through work as mercenaries & bodyguards, many have purchased ships and equipment to explore their new galaxy.

Their entire culture was/is built upon the dichotomy of day and night. In their language, "good"is synonymous with bright, light, glowing, and day. "Bad" is identified with dimness, darkness, shadows, and night. Speaking any of the four latter words is akin to swearing in Keladonn society. It appears that the light-darkness stigmata is limited to their words and ideas, and excludes actual colors-they paint there dwellings all manner of hues and wear wear any shade of clothing, including black, though most wear only the bare essentials when climate permits.

During daylight hours, Keladonn are energetic and open, however, as the sun goes down, their moods sink, and they seek shelter even to the point of becoming rude and leaving someone in the middle of a task or conversation. During the night they are suspicious and unwilling to help strangers. Since

their forced exile, many have struggled to overcome their fears of darkness but inbred racial tendencies are hard to overcome, only time will tell....

It has been reported that certain members of this race have "Gone Native", completely abandoning technology, and living in the forest like primitive tribesmen. Main stream keladonn refuse to speak of these "lost brothers" so little is known at this time about them.


I didn't actually come up with this race from scratch, it is actually an amalgram of two different plant alien races from two entirely different RPG's ; Star Wars and Aliens Unlimited , with a healthy dose of my own warped ideas thrown in for good measure. I think the primitive version of this race would be interesting in a Dark Matter campaign.

This was the first race I made up for Alternity, indeed it was the first character I ever played in the game as well; Moss-Man . I had alot of fun with him, hope you can get some use out of this.

Brutorz Bill