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Bardoff raised his pair of Farlooks and scanned the distant horizon. The swirling clouds beyond the rocky barrens, told his expert eyes ominous news….a gathering Heatstorm. He reflexively loosened his neck guard in anticipation of the coming heat. The storm was still quite far away, they had time to find their quarry, then if any of them were still alive to worry about the need for shelter, they should consider themselves lucky. Trencher intently studied the sand covered ground, the mutant had an uncanny ability with the earth, more than a mere tracker, it was as if he became one with the very soil itself. He could clearly see the Sep’s trail, as well as something else, the Land Shark was close, very close. Commenting to Bardoff without even looking up, "We should move on, it won’t be long now." Bardoff nodded double checked his rad gauge and looked to the third member of their party. On a nearby rock stood Quell, his mind scanning, seeing far more than his lone cyclopean eye ever would. Quell sensed Bardoff’s urging, before the human ever uttered a sound, lowering his glaive, the mutant descended the rock and prepared to move ahead. Musing to himself, "It is a good day to die, my destiny awaits, the portents cannot be wrong." The doomseeker moved ahead of the others ,in silence, prepared to meet his fate.

Some time later, the group struggled forward, hot winds blew in their faces, the heat had risen to an almost unbearable point, all three had nearly depleted their waterskins in an attempt to prevent dehydration. Rounding a series of rocks, the group indeed found their quarry, but something had apparently found it first…The scene was utter carnage, pieces of the Sep were scattered all around the area, something had literally dug the land shark out of the ground and eaten it alive. But what could possibly prey upon a land shark? There was no time to debate that now, for the storm was upon them, it was now a matter of shelter or a horrible death. Quell was confused, he had been certain the Sep was to be his death. Trencher yelled above the howling winds,"A cave! A cave is ahead!" The trio struggled into the dark cave, grateful for it’s respite from storm. Bardoff lighted a torch, noticing scattered bones ,as well as,several round objects deeper within the cave. "What the?…Eggs?"…Then Quell sensed it…From the shadows an enormous scaley form struck, Trencher never knew what killed him, his flintlock broken to pieces on the hard rock wall . Quell raised his glaive and struck at the beast, though he knew the outcome, he would honor his ancestors this day…Bardoff then realized the truth, the legends of the Sand Raiders had been true, there was a desert beast more vicious than any other….The Krayt Dragon!

A savage roar echoed above the storm and a pair of bloody Farlooks dropped to the dry earth.

Krayt Dragon

STR 22 (2d4+17) INT 3 (Animal 10 or 2d4+5)

DEX 10 (d4+7) WIL 11 (d4+9)

CON 20 (2d6+12) PER 2 (Animal 7 or d4+5)

dur 30/30/15/15 Action Check : 13+/12/6/3

Mov : Sprint: 44 Run: 28 Walk: 8 # act. 3

RS Ordinary/2


Bite 24/12/6 2d6w/d4+2m/d6+3m LI/G

Claw 24/12/6 d6+3w/d6+4w/d4+3m LI/G

Tail lash 20/10/5 d8+3w/d8+4w/d6+3m LI/G


Good Toughness

+3 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

-1 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor d6+2 (LI), d4+2 (HI), d6+2 (En)


Unarmed Attack (20); Stealth (10); Movement (20); Stamina (20) –endurance (24); Awareness (11) –intuition (15) –perception (13); Investigate (11)–search (13); Resolve (11) –physical resolve (17).

Mutations: Motion Tracking (-1 step bonus to all perception skill checks when detecting moving creatures). Adaptation, Environment : Arid; Night Vision.

Desc : These enormous mutant lizards, have aptly earned the title of Dragon. Measuring up to 30 meters long and reaching a height of 10 meters. The Krayt Dragon is truly a terrible sight to behold. A spiney ridge goes from the creature’s head to the tip of it’s tail. Adding to its fearsome visage are two rear pointing horns, possibly used in mating rituals. The beast moves about on all fours at an alarming speed, able to slash out with wicked claws. However, the most fearsome aspect of the beast is its massive maw of jaws, framed between two cold-yellow reptilian eyes.

Cmbt : While one might think so large a beast would be a lumbering brute. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Krayt Dragon uses stealth to ambush it’s prey. Often hiding among rocky outcroppings and dark caves, suddenly lashing out, severing life and limb in a viscious flash of gore.

Hab : They prefer rocky deserts, but will migrate to more sandy regions if prey becomes scarce. They avoid settled areas and large groups of humanoids.

Soc : These ferocious reptiles live in the caves of the desert wastes. Coming out at night to hunt for prey. Little is known of them. Indeed most of those who have encountered them have not lived to tell the tale. For the most part they are considered to be wild legends of the wastelanders.

Biome : The Wastelands

Encounter chance: Slim

Group size : 1 (if a mated pair has ever been encountered no one lived to tell about it).

Org : Solitary

Niche: Top level Carnivore

IQ : High-order animal

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from Star Wars

(Special Thanks to Mark Hudson for providing me with the WEG stats for the Krayt Dragon. Check out his web-page at : for great artwork and Marvel Comics to Star Wars conversions.)

(Also thanks to Derek Holland for suggesting the Dragon’s hunting of Seps.)