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Gummy Bears

STR 4-12 INT 4-14

DEX 4-14 WIL 9-16

CON 4-14 PER 4-14

dur as CON Action Check : 11+/10/5/2

Mov : Walk 4 , Run 12 , # act. 2

RS : Marginal/1


Claws (rarely used) x2 12/6/3 d4-1s / d4w / d4-1w LI/O

Weapon as weapon

Beguiling (as mutation)


variable defenses

Armor (fur) d6-1 (LI), d6-2 (HI), d4-2 (En)

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Stealth, Stamina, Awareness, Knowledge, Interaction

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Animal Empathy (as the perk), Infravision (Gummy Bears ignore any

penalties that apply in situations of low illumination or total darkness - provided there are objects

producing variant radiant heat in the area.), Toxin Tolerance (as the mutation), Beguiling (with a successful skill check, the mutant can insinuate a friendly attitude in another creature. This effect can last 1,2, or 3 hours, depending on the results of the mutant's skill check. If the Beguiling attack is successful, the victim will not attack the mutant, but may attack others (GM discretion). Gummy Berry Juice (see below).

Gummy Berry Juice:

This herbal concoction is made from the elusive "Gummy Berry". When a Gummy Bear consumes 1 ounce of "juice" he gains hyper strength, hyper dexterity and enhanced constitution for 20 minutes. On humans and other humanoids the effects are highly variable, but also short lived. The most common effect is Super Strength (+3 to Strength, & can exceed racial limits, also can lift twice as much weight as his Strength would normally allow) for 2 minutes, however, other effects have been known to occur (see table). Please note that these herbal concoctions are extremely rare and can only be made by the "Hive" alchemist, as a consequence price is very high for non-Gummy Bears. It has been reported that other herbal creations exist but this has not been confirmed.

-Gummy Bear Juice Varied Effects Table-

  1. add 1 point to Str permanently

99- add 1 point to Dex. Permanently

    1. Super Batch (Con feat check with a 3 step bonus; Failure: 1 step bonus to all skill checks for 1d10 days, Pass: 2 step bonus to all skill checks for 1d10 days).

86-89- Effects of potion (Super Strength) last for I hour

35-85- Potion works "normally" (Super Strength)

16-34- Potion works effectiveness (Improved Strength (+1 to Strength) for 1 minute)

12-15- Potion does not work (GM choice for effect)

03-11- Poisonous Batch- Make a Con feat check with a 3 step penalty (Failure: 2 step penalty to all skills

for 1d10 days, Pass: 1 step penalty to all skills for 1d10 days).

02- Poisonous Batch (deduct 1 from Strength permanently, no resistance check allowed)

  1. Poisonous Batch (deduct 1 from Dexterity permanently, no resistance check allowed)

Fantasy Setting notes: Magic Resistance (+2 step bonus to resist the affects of magical FX)

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Primitive (as the flaw).

Desc : Gummy Bears resemble small humanoid Teddy Bears. Their clothing and equipment often mimic that of nearby human settlements. Though they will never use artifacts or similar devices.

Size: 2-3 tall

Weight: 25-75 lbs.

Cmbt : For the most part Gummy Bears are shy reclusive creatures, avoiding combat whenever they can using their Beguiling ability to escape dangerous encounters. They will use bows and short swords if necessary. Some evil natured ones do exist, however, and these are not above using violence if necessary, although they too prefer to avoid direct combat.

Hab : Temperate Forests.

Soc : A race that has for the most part gone unnoticed. Gummy Bears inhabit dense forests on the outskirts of human settlements. They maintain a keen affinity with most wilderness creatures. They are very curious about human culture but have, thus far, been too cautious to announce their presence. However, this curiosity has caused them to locate their "Hives" close to human settlements, so they can observe them in secret.

Biome : Temperate Dense Forests (typically near human settlements).

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 1d6, a "Hive" may have up to 50 individuals.

Org : Tribal

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : Sentient


Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from the old Gummy Bear Cartoon. I found someone on the web, the Canadian Guy, who had converted this race to the Palladium Fantasy RPG, I figured what the hell, and adapted them to my AD&D Campaign, and have now converted them to Alternity for your gaming pleasure.