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Giant Kang (a.k.a. Monster Kang and Roadganger Kang)

STR 18 (2d4+13) INT 4 (Animal 9 or d8+5)

DEX 12 (d4+10) WIL 11(d6+8)

CON 17 (2d4+12) PER 4 (Animal 11 or d8+7)

Durability: as Con AC: 12+/11/5/2

Movement: walk 12, run 40, sprint: 60, super-charged sprint: 80 (for 1d6 minutes, can use this ability 1d4+1x per hr.)

Reaction Score: Ordinary/2

# Actions: 3


Bite: 18/9/4 d4+1w/d6+2w/d4+1m LI/O

Claws: 17/8/4 d4+1s/d4+1w/d6+1m LI/O

Leap Kick 20/10/5 d8+2s/d12+3s/d4+3w LI/G

+ Anything weighing less than two tons is knocked off its feet and either sent flying 2d4x10 meters, or is

stomped into the ground! In either case the victim takes additional damage from the fall/impact

(determined by GM) and loses an action. The leap kick requires a running leap (at least 20 m) and

counts as 2 actions.


+3 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

+1 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor: d6-2(LI), d4-2(HI), d6-2(En)


Unarmed Attack (20), Athletics (20) –jump (22), Movement (18), Stamina (18)-endurance(20), Awareness(11)-intuition (14), Resolve(11) –physical resolve (13).

Mutations/Racial abilities: Larger, Enhanced Sense; Smell, Natural Attack; Claws and fangs. Leaping Ability (can leap 10’ high and 15’ across, double with a running start).

Background: The Giant Kang is the mutated descendant of kangaroos that escaped from zoos after the Apocalypse. Unlike the kangaroo, the Giant Kang is a predator that hunts in packs.

Desc : At a quick glance, the Giant Kang appear to be giant tiger-striped kangaroo, however, closer inspection shows they have striped fur, sharp teeth and large saber-tooth fangs used for cutting and slicing their fallen prey. They have good hearing and an excellent sense of smell, both of which they use in hunting. Their fingers and toes are clawed and used for slicing and ripping at prey, and their bite is savage.

Average Size: 6-8’ tall and 6-8’ long from head to rump. Add another 5-7’ for the tail, giving the average Giant Kang an overall length of 11-15’. Note that about 15% grow 30% to 40% larger and are capable of carrying two or even three human-sized riders.

Disposition: Aggressive and excitable. They are pack hunters who work well in groups, and can be reasonably well trained as guard or attack animals and especially as riding animals that work as a pack/gang.

Hab: Found primarily in plains and deserts, but can be found in small packs almost anywhere on the continent.

Soc: Their society is very similar to wolves, with one dominant male being the lead animal, his mate second in command and a pecking order based on raw strength and boldness from the rest. Surprisingly, the frightful animal domesticates well and has been adopted by Roadgangers and some other humanoids as riding and guard animals. Domesticated Giant Kangs show surprising loyalty to their masters and will attack anybody who hurts them while in their presence. Their smooth leaps for covering large distances resemble that of a galloping horse. When in combat, however, the beasts turn to short, seemingly erratic short hops. It takes expertise on part of the riders merely to stay on if not securely strapped and even if strapped, only expert riders are able to attack when mounted.

Cmbt: The Giant Kang are very smart and instinctively use group tactics to bring down their prey. They attack in teams and waves, separate one or two from the herd, lay in ambush, prowl and strike by surprise, etc. The Giant Kang must make a Mental-Resolve check to avoid becoming berserk and unpredictable when under a lot of stress. The rider's expertise helps keeping the kangs under control by providing a step bonus for every 2 ranks in Animal Riding-Giant kangs.

Biome: Arid plains, deserts, and grassy plains

Encounter chance: Possible

Group size: typical "pack" 10-20, although there are smaller groups (3-8) and the occasional large group

(30-50), but the latter is very rare.

Org : Pack

Niche: Large Carnivore

IQ: High-order animal

Conversion by Brutorz Bill (with suggestions from Fabian)

Converted from Rifts World Book 19: Australia