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Rifts to Gamma World ; Suitability Series Vol. 2

Rifts World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms

Well the title says it all. Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampires but were afraid to ask. Problem is some of the stuff I very much disagree with, Vampires hurt by squirt guns?! and since when did silver hurt Vampires? Sorry got off topic a little there. This is for Gamma World after all. First off, unless you use Vampires in your Gamma campaign the book is very limited in usable stuff for you. The equipment is mostly focused on anti-vampire weapons so unless you want to "aggravate" your players by having them find a Squirt Gun-shotgun, the weapons are of limited use to you. However, there are tid-bits to be found in the book. Several cities of humans are developed (all in the American SouthWest or Mexico) though Vampires are involved in them , many bits of data can be plugged right into an existing Gamma Campaign with little or no conversion. For instance Cuidad Juarez is completely detailed (# 'd maps even) Several gangs have their own turf: The Subs (mutant nasties), The Psykes (Mental power nasties), The Guard(Militant Vigilante Group (potential Knights of Purity allies! ) ). All of these would work great in a Gamma Campaign, there are even some Mutant animal gangs : The K-9's and the Wild-Cats (speak for themselves). There are rules for Travelling Carnivals and Freakshows that would make for some interesting encounters in more settled Gamma areas. All in all I actually like the book. If you don't mind all the Vampire stuff many goodies can be found!!

Later, Brutorz Bill