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Barb Needlers PL 6

Barb Needlers are a loathsome weapon, colloquially known as "barbies." The barbie is a variety of gauss needler (see Dragon Annual #3) that fires a packet of 5mm razor-edged barbs rather than the thin slivers, employed in the standard weapon. The barbs spin rapidly in flight, burrowing into live muscle and staying there, almost impossible to remove with PL 5 technology. The barbs tear muscle and connective tissue every time the victim moves or exerts himself. The barbie is a brutal gun, not effective against armored foes (Armor Types are treated as one grade better O=G), useless for hunting (meat filled with barbs would not be palatable), and good only for spies and assassins (who most often deal with unarmored opponents) and for terrorizing of civilians by less-than-scrupulous police and soldiers. The weapon is a very quiet one, emitting no more than a weak "cough" when discharged, also endearing it to assassins. The victim of a barbie attack has several barbs buried deep in his flesh. A Will check (Specifically Resolve-Physical Resolve) is required immediately upon being hit to avoid screaming. Any act of exertion; walking, lifting etc.. requires the character to make a Stamina check (Resist Pain skill would be very helpful in this situation). Wounds may cause additional injury upon exertion, if the Stamina check = a critical failure the victim suffers an additional d4w. Barb removal requires surgery skill at PL 6, the procedure takes 10 minutes, plus 10 minutes for every point of damage done, Double operating time if some type of medical scanner is unavailable. If the surgeon is working with equipment less than PL 6, apply an additional 2 step penalty to the procedure for every PL that is lower than 6. A successful operation restores no lost wounds or mortals, it just removes the embedded barbs. Normal healing or additional medical treatment (other than just the initial surgery) will be needed to restore wounds and mortals.

Skill : Modern Ranged Weapons-pistol

Acc 0 Md F/B Range: 10/20/40 Type HI/O Damage : d4+1w/d4+2w/d6+2w Actions : 3 Weight: 1 Clip Size:10 Clip Cost: 20 Hide: +2 Cost: 800

Converted from GURPS Warehouse: 23, A very nasty weapon for MIB in a Dark Matter Campaign! -Brutorz Bill

Biosensors-Chemsniffer PL 6

A hand-held bio-sensor system, devices of this sort are often used by customs officials or police to detect contraband, such as drugs or explosives , by analyzing traces in the air. It's typically equipped with a range of biosensor chips for 100 standard chemical compounds. Use the skill Security, specifically Security Devices to operate it: the device has a 5-yard range. If contraband is completely sealed in airtight containers, the sniffer will be ineffective; however, careless loading may have left residues on the outsides of the containers. A chemsniffer costs $700 at PL 6 but at PL 7 it is considered outdated and is usually much cheaper (still can be commonly found among police forces who usually have a lousy budget anyway). The sniffer weighs about 2 lbs.

Converted from Gurps - Bio-Tech by Steve Jackson Games (no infringement intended.)

Conversions by Brutorz Bill..