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STR 11 (d4+8) INT 3 (Animal 10 or d4+8)

DEX 10 (d4+8) WIL 11 (d4+9)

CON 14 (2d4+9) PER 4 (Animal 12 or d4+10)

dur as CON Action Check : 11+/10/5/2

Mov : Walk 12, Run 36, Sprint 70 (in short bursts lasting for1d6x10 minutes) # act. 2

RS Ordinary/1


Peck 10/5/2 d4-1s/d4s/d4w LI/O

Kick 10/5/2 d6s/d4w/d4+1w LI/O


+1 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

Armor: d6-3 (LI), none (HI), d6-3 (En)


Movement (14); Stamina (14)-endurance (16) Acrobatics (10)-dodge(12); Awareness (11)–intuition (12); Resolve (11)–physical resolve (14).

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Enhanced Senses (Sight & Smell), Leaping Ability (can leap 6’ up or 12’ long).

Desc : These two-legged flightless avians are named for their incessant hopping, a tactic they have developed to better scan their surroundings for predators hiding in the tall grasses. Bounders have learned an even more unusual survival tactic. When chased, these birds use their superior speed to lead their pursuers toward less-swift prey. Beings sighting Bounders running in their direction should be ready for action. Though swift, Bounders are sometimes caught by humanoids, and are said to be quite tasty. Some say that the animal's attraction to bright reflections, useful to them when locating pools of water in the open, can be used to trick the creatures into traps.

Size: 4-6' tall
Weight: 85-120 lbs.

Average Lifespan: 12-20 years.

Cmbt : These flightless birds avoid combat if at all possible, they will only fight if cornered, and even then their first priority will be to run away as soon as possible.

Hab : Arid Grasslands

Encounter chance : Possible

Group size : A herd generally contains d10x5 members

Org : Herd

Biome: Grasslands and Deserts

Diet: Bounders feed mainly on plants including fruits, seeds and leaves. In dry areas they get their water from succulent plants. They also eat small animals and are even said to eat lizards and tortoises.

IQ : High-Order Animal


Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from the Talislanta RPG