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Hornet, Giant

STR d6+10 INT 3 (an. d6+3)

DEX d8+10 WIL 2d4+8

CON d6+10 PER 1 (an. (d3)

dur as CON AC 19+/18/9/4

Mov walk 6 fly 56 # act. 3

RS G/3

Mutations: wings, improved dermal armor, electric aura, improved senses

Defects: radiation sensitivity, toxin intolerence, environmental sensitivity, moderate


Bite 14/7/3 d6w/d8+2w/d4+1m (LI/G)

Sting 12/6/3 d2w/d3w/d4w (LI/O)

Defenses armor d8+2 (LI), d6+3 (HI), d6+1 (En)

+3 vs melee

+1 vs ranged


Athletics- lift 10; Acrobatics- flight 6; Survival; Stamina- endurance 9; Awareness- perception 8; Resolve- physical 6

Desc Giant hornets are 8 meters long. They have yellow and black stripes and a white face. Like all wasps and bees, adult hornets feed on sugar water (usually in the form of sap) and larvae feed on meat and sugar water. Because of this, adults can not heal wound damage via rest.

Cmbt Giant hornets attack from the air. They try to collect animals for their larvae by swooping down on suitable animal (must be 40 Kg+), and then biting and shocking it to death. Only when the animal turns out to be dangerous to the hornet, does it use its sting (a nasty hemotoxin that incurs a 3 step penalty). It then carries the body back to the nest to be pulped in to a chunky goo for the young. They can be driven off with insecticides easily.

Hab Giant hornets are found all over Gamma Terra in temperate and tropical regions. They prefer to make nests in very large trees (like the giant redwoods near Settle) or in ruins of skyscrapers.

Soc Unlike normal hornets, most of the workers do survive the winter along with the queen. A nest is started every year- the old ones are abandoned or destroyed to make room for a new one. A new queen has no workers and must hunt for her larvae- 5-7 of which 3-5 survive to adulthood. After the first brood metamorphose into adults, they take over the work and the queen begins producing 3-4 eggs per week. It takes 2 weeks for an egg to hatch and 6 weeks before the larva pupates. An adult worker lives 2-3 years and a queen 10-12 years.

Biome Temperate and Tropical forests

Encounter chance Slim

Group size 1- 3d10

Org Swarm

Niche Herbivore/Top level carnivore

IQ Low Order animal