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STR: 4-12

DEX: 7-14

CON: 4-14

INT: 7-14

WIL: 5-14

PERS: 4-12

Free Broad Skills:

STR: Athletics- Jump, Climb

DEX: -

CON: Stamina

INT: Knowledge

WIL: Awareness

PER: Interaction


Primitive-(As Weren in Player's Handbook) Grippli do not wear armor, & they do not manufacture metal items. Grippli tend to have an unpleasant odor (old,wet vegetation), due to this all personality skill checks with non-grippli suffer a +1 step penalty.

Special Advantages:

Camouflage (in natural terrain), when alone or with a group made up of Grippli, opponents suffer a +3 step penalty to detect their presence. Climbing- They can climb trees & non-sheer rock at their normal movement. They are such skilled climbers that any result on a climbing skill check is considered 1 step better than rolled. Note* the Grippli only has to make a climbing skill check when trying to climb on sheer rock or other such surfaces. Jump- Grippli can jump twice as far as normal characters. Jumping movement rate is 14. Normal walking rate is 4. Infravision-Grippli ignore any penalties that apply in situations of low illumination or total darkness-provided there are objects producing variant radiant heat in the area.

Background: Grippli are amphibious humanoids resembling the tree frogs that are so common in their native jungles. They average only 2.5' tall, weighing somewhere around 30 pounds. Except for their dextrous hands, and prehensile feet, grippli look very much like large frogs. They have gray-green skin mottled and striped with darker greens and browns. Grippli society is primitive but peaceful by human standards. They live in tribal villages built of wooden and mud-brick houses on tropical jungle floors.


Converted from an article in Dragon Magazine #262 by James Wyatt.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill