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Golden Gecko

STR d4+10 INT 1

DEX d6+7 WIL 2d4+2

CON d8+10 PER 3

Durability as CON Action Check 12+/11/5/2

Movement sprint 24 walk 6 # of actions 2

Reaction Score G/1

Mutations: Poison attack, Radiation tolerance

Defects: Thermal intolerance (cold)


Claws 12/6/3 d2w/d4w/d6w (LI/O)

Bite 14/7/3 d4w/d6+2w/d2m (LI/O)

Defenses armor d3+1 (LI), d2 (HI), 0 (En)

+2 vs melee

+1 vs ranged


Stamina- endurance 3; Awareness- perception 6.


Golden geckos are large (2 m tall), bipedal lizards. They are so named because of their hide, which is gold with bronze stripes and because of their golden eyes. The pelt is worth $100-$300 and can be used to make hide and leather armor.


Geckos are pack hunters andd will attack any animal smaller than a kamodo. They have a weak hemotoxin (-3 step bonus to resist), but it is the large jaws that allow them to kill almost any prey. They are quite stupid, and will not retreat unless reduced to 1 or 2 wound points.


Golden geckos are found in arid mountains and hills.


Geckos are found in small packs. They have a society similar to wolves (ie alpha pair, beta pair, etc).

Biome Arid highlands

Encounter chance Unlikely

Group size 3d4

Organization Pack

Niche Medium level carnivore

IQ low order animal

Converted form Fallout 2.