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Fallout 2 Alien

STR d4+12 INT ?

DEX d4+6 WIL d4+6

CON d4+10 PER ?

Durability as CON Action Check 18+/17/8/4

Movement sprint 28 walk 6 # of actions 4

Reaction Score G/3

Mutations: Radiation tolerance, Hyper Durability, Enhanced Durability,

Radiation Touch, Sonar, Duality, Psychic Void.

Defects: Light Sensitivity.


Tentacle 14/7/3 d4w/d6w/d12w (LI/O)

Bite 16/8/4 d6w/d8w/d4m (LI/O)

Radiation touch as Radiating Eyes (contact only)

Defenses armor d4+2 (LI), d6+2 (HI), d6+1 (En)

+3 vs melee

+2 vs ranged


Athletics; Movement; Stamina- endurance 6; Awareness- perception 3.


The alien has a elongated ovoid body, pitch black in color, with 4 tentacles- 2 used for walking, 2 used for attacking. It has no eyes and "sees" via sonar. It is always emitting radiation- R3 within a 4 meters.


It is unknown if the alien has intelligence. When encountered, it is always attacks with its bite and tentacles. Anything touched by an alien must make a CON feat check as if subjected to R3.





Biome ?

Encounter chance Slim

Group size 3d4

Organization ?

Niche ?

IQ ?

Converted from Fallout2.