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STR d3 INT 1 (an. 1)

DEX 2d4+4 WIL 3d4

CON d4 PER 1 (an. 1)

dur as CON AC 5+/4/2/1

Mov walk 2 # act. 1

RS M/1

Mutations: size change

Defects: light sensitivity


Bite 2/1/- 1s/d2s (LI/O)

Defenses armor none

-2 vs melee

+1 vs ranged



Desc Blats are large cockroaches .2 meters long. They are considered a major pest in urban ruins because of their feeding habits- they eat anything that is organic, including plastic and plassteel. They dislike bright lights and will flee anyone carrying anything brighter than a torch.

Cmbt Blats usually don't attack any animal unless starving. They do have a bite that can overwhelm anything normal animal because of their numbers.

Hab Blats are found usually in urban ruins in Meriga. Very rarely will they be found underground.

Soc Blats are found in huge swarms that act like stereotypical army ants (eating everything in front of them).

Biome Urban ruins

Encounter chance Possible

Group size 6d10

Org swarm

Niche scavenger

IQ low order animal