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Black Sea Serpent

STR 2d4+8 INT 3 (an. 3d4)

DEX d6+6 WIL 2d4+3

CON d6+10 PER 1 (an. d4)

dur as CON AC 13+/12/6/3

Mov walk 2 swim 8 # act. 2

RS O/2

Mutations:dermal armor, improved senses, gills, size change, sonar, confusion

Defects:susceptable to damage, highly (En), thermal intolerance (cold only)


Bite 12/6/3 d6s/d4w/d6+1w (LI/O)

"Crush" see below

Defenses armor d6+1 (LI), d4+1 (HI), d4 (En)

+2 vs melee

0 vs ranged


Stealth- hide 6, shadow 4; Stamina- endurance 4; Awareness- perception 8.

Desc Black sea serpents are mutated snakes that have adopted the anaconda's lifestyle. They are between 3 and 12 meters long, jet black with green stripes, have thick scales, and a sonar to detect prey.

Cmbt Black sea serpents capture a prey animal by biting it and coiling around it. It does not crush the prey (like the myths state), but instead, keep the animal from breathing by compressing its lungs (use suffocation rules). They then swallow the prey whole, having no way of chewing. If found on land, a serpent is just as dangerous as if it was in the water. They can be driven off by fire and extreme cold.

Hab Black sea serpents are only found in Putrid Sound and Lake Ash. They like to hide among the weeds that float near the surface and catch the birds and fish that visit the weed mats. Occasionally, one out hunting will fall prey to sea liles or the giant sea serpents, but otherwise they tend to die of old age. They hibernate during the winter on land in deep mud.

Soc The snakes are considered a major threat to the fishermen of both bodies of water. They do not congregate, except during mating, when up to 10 males try to mate with a single female.

Biome Putrid Sound and Lake Ash

Encounter chance Slim

Group size 1 or d10+1

Org Solitary

Niche Top Level carnivore

IQ Low Order Animal