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Ant, Large

STR d2 INT 1 (an. 1)

DEX 1 WIL 2d4+2

CON d2 PER 1 (an. 1)

dur as CON AC 4+/3/1/-

Mov walk 1 # act. 1

RS O/1

Mutations: size change (larger), poison

Defects: Diminished senses, moderate


Bite 2/1/- 1s/d2s (LI/O)

Sting 3/2/1 1s/d2s/1w (LI/O)

Defenses armor none

+2 vs melee

+3 vs ranged

-4 vs heavy weapons


Stealth- sneak 10; Awareness- perception 10; Investigate- track 8.

Desc These ants are about .3 meters long. There are several dozen different types, with 4 major ones which will be named for their color: red, black, yellow, brown. Red are fire ants, black are leaf cutters,

yellow are carpenter ants and brown are army ants.

Cmbt Each worker can use either its bite or its sting. Red ants have a neurotoxin, black have an irritant, yellow have a caustic poison and brown a paralytic poison. Black and yellow ants only attack aggressors

towards their colony. The others attack all animals smaller than 4 meters long for food.

Hab Red and brown ants are found in southern portions of the US south to southern Brazil. The others are ubiquitous to the Americas.

Soc All ants are social insects that live in casted colonies. There is a divison of labor in the castes (which can number up to 20) with the major castes being queen, worker, drone, and soldier.

Biome Black and yellow- forests, red and brown- tropical forests

Encounter chance Probable

Group size d2-12d10

Org swarm or colony

Niche low level carnivore or herbivore

IQ low order animal