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Zar'tal (black munchers)

STR d2+1 INT 1 (an. d2)

DEX d8+4 WIL d6+3

CON d2+1 PER 1 (an. d2)

dur as CON AC 12+/11/5/2

Mov sprint 8 run 6 walk 2 fly 12 # act 1

RS O/1


Bite 14/7/3 d2s/d3s/d4s (LI/O)

Defenses armor d4+1 (LI), d3 (HI), d3 (En)

+2 vs melee

+3 vs ranged


Acrobatics- dodge 2; Stealth- hide 4, sneak 2; Stamina- endurance 2; Survival; Tactics- swarm 3; Awareness- perception 4; Investigate- track 4

Mutations/powers: Darkness creation, metal mandibles.

Resistant to radiation (treat R0-R3 as R1, R4 as R2 and R5 as R4)

Resistant to starvation (lives 3d4 weeks with out food and d2 weeks without water)

Desc These large cockroaches are infamous for eating almost anything. They are larger than normal roaches (.1 m long) and absorb all light in a sphere .2 m in diameter. Only death show them for what they are.

Cmbt Zar'tal act as the stereotypical army ant swarm and eat anything that the swarm comes across. They attempt to swarm over the prey and reduce it to a small,brown stain. Up to 8 can attack one 2 m tall

creature at one time.

Hab/Soc Zar'tal can live almost everywhere, but prefer urban regions They normally eat any living thing they find but will eat concrete, glass, tinfoil, just about anything in cases of starvation. The only known

predator of zar'tal is a fungus that protects itself with a coat of acid.

Biome any land

Encounter chance slim

Group size 10d12

Org swarm

Niche medium level omnivore

IQ low level animal