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Wedon (scaly terrors)

STR d3 INT d3+2

DEX d4+2 WIL d4+2

CON d4+1 PER d2+3

dur as CON AC 8+/7/3/1

Move walk 1 # actions 1

RS O/1


Bite 6/3/1 d2s/d3s/d4s (LI/O)

Fear See Below

Defenses Armor

-1 vs melee d2-1/0/0

+2 vs ranged


Awareness- perception 3

Desc. Wedon are small mutant anoles (American chameleon). They are

brown with green stripes.

Encounter They are feared by most intelligent races because of their fear

aura. It is 3 meters in diameter and forces a will check to all those in

it with a 2 step penalty once per minute (A and G results- no affect, O-

one step penality to all actions within field, F- run for 1d6 phases, CF-

drop what in hand, run for 5d6 minutes, and 3 step penalty to all checks

for 2d4 hours). Animals with an INT 0-3 will tend to stay out of the aura

even if they are not affected. Non-animals are not affected. If it is

attacked, a wedon will try to bite the aggressor into submission. The

only thing that drives them away is attempted telepathic contact.

Unfortunately very few people try this.

Habitat/Ecology Wedons live where there is food for them, which includes

small animals, most herbacious plants, carrion and fruit. Because of the

fear aura, wedon have a low hatchling mortality rate, each pair may have

between 6 and 8 hatchlings surviving per year. Because of this, they are

considered a walking plague. The only predators that might eat a wedon

are usually too large to consider them food. Those towns that know of

wedon will usually consider them more deadly than large predators and

will react accordingly.

Ecological data

Biome Temperate forests, grasslands, and hills

Encounter Chance unlikely

Group size 5d6+

Organization pack

Niche high level herbivore

intelligence subsentient