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Toe Snipper

STR 2d4 INT d6+4

DEX d3 WIL d6+3

CON d4+2 PER d4+2

dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Mov walk 1 swim 1 # act. 2

RS G/2


Claws 12/6/3 d2w/d4w/d4+2w (LI/O)

plus sever toes on A result

Defenses armor d6+3 (LI), d4+2 (HI), d3 (En)

+2 vs melee

+3 vs ranged

Skills Acrobatics- dodge 8; Stealth- hide 7; Awareness- perception 10; Resolve- physical 4

Desc Toe snippers are mutant crayfish (crawdad). They look no different and the only way to tell is to watch how fast they move.

Cmbt Toe snippers normally do not attack waders, only doing so if a perception check results in a CF. They do attack those pestering them, and new animals based on stream animal stock. Like toe biters, toe

snippers may remove toes of those they attack- with the same results.

Hab/Soc Toe snippers live in the same areas as flatworms and are their main predator. The hard shell makes it almost impossible for a flatworm to use its tounge on the 'snipper. Overall, they have a solitary life-

they may live near each other but only interact in times of great need. Some places they are hunted for food.

Biome fast freshwater streams

Encounter chance slim

Group size 1-6

Org solitary

Niche mid level carnivore

IQ subsentient