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Tex Horned Lizard (Roaster)

STR 2d4+12 INT d3 (animal d6+3)

DEX d4+5 WIL 2d4+2

CON 2d6+8 PER d2 (animal d4+2)

Dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Move run 30 walk 12 burrow 6 # of act. 3

RS G/2


Bite 16/8/4 d4w/d6+3w/d4m

Claws 14/7/4 2d8s/d6w/d8+2w

Horns 8/4/2 d4w/d4+2w/d6+1w

Breath 18/9/5 2d4w/2d8w/d6m


+4 vs melee +1 vs rngd



Physical mutations- size change (larger), claws

Mental mutation- TK hand (15) Powers cone of fire (2m-10mX 30m), dmg as above once every 2 rounds


Athletics[16], Awareness[6]- perception [12]

CL/Terr Warm, soil based deserts and scrub/shrub

Desc These giants are the Neo-dragons of the south (the Kraak is one of the north). They appear as rounded (fat) lizards with a large crown of horns, tan to dun in color (with a few brown ones in darker regions).

Cmbt THLs use their TK hand to destracting their prey before attacking. If it has "bitten more of then it can chew", it will attempt to incinerate the "prey". It will only run if reduced to 25% hp or failed a morale check made at 50%.

Soc Roasters live solitary lives, and do not enter others territory unless food is scarce. They do bear live young (1-5) which the parents guard for the first 2 months of life. They eat many desert insects (esp giant ants) and the occasional foolish sentient. They do not like bright lights and avoid well lit towns. They hide underground during the day, and are a food source for seps. At night, if they encounter each other, the sep is burnt shark steaks :).