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STR: 4-13

DEX: 8-15

CON: 4-14

INT: 4-13

WIL: 4-14

PERS: 4-13

Free Broad Skills:

STR: Athletics-Climb

DEX: Stealth

CON: Stamina

INT: Knowledge

WIL: Awareness

PER: Interaction

Disadvantages: Hate bright light, suffer a 1 step penalty in daylight conditions. Slow (equivalent of the Slow Flaw when on the ground) & clumsy on the ground & lose all Stealth benefits when on the ground.

Special Advantages: Infravision- Tasloi ignore any penalties that apply in situations of low illumination or total darkness-provided there are objects producing radiant heat in the area. Claw Attack d4-1w/d4w/d4+1w, Stealth Bonus: If alone or with other tasloi, opponents get a 4 step penalty to detect the tasloi's presence.

Background: Tasloi are small jungle-dwelling humanoids that resemble tiny apes. Their foreheads are sharply sloped, and their arms reach to the ground as they walk-though they move quickly and gracefully by swinging in the branches of trees. Their skins are gleaming green, with sparse black hair all over their bodies. Their golden eyes resemble a cat's. Tasloi live in large numbers making them far more dangerous than they could ever be alone. They are primitive hunters and gatherers, supplementing their existence by raiding other jungle races and the occasional travelers through there domains. They eat about anything they can find, but they have a marked taste for human flesh.

Superstitions: Tasloi hold strong superstitions about certain sites in their jungles, particularly ancient ruins.

My friend ShivasHand proposed the cool idea of having the Tasloi be a racial enemy of the Sesheyans, on their native world. Thanks for the suggestion!




Converted from an article in Dragon Magazine #262 by James Wyatt (the text is straight from his article).

Conversion by Brutorz Bill