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Shredder Bats

STR d6+2 INT d2

DEX d6+6 WIL d6+2

CON d6+2 PER d2

Dur as CON AC 18+/17/9/5

Move:Walk 2 /fly 32

# of act. 3 RS A/3


Bite 14/7/4 d4w/d4+3w/d8+2w (LI/O)

Dive 16/8/4 d6w/d6+3w/d10+2w (LI/O)


+2 vs melee

+3 vs rngd


d6(LI), d3(HI), 1(En)


Acrobatics [7]- flight [10], Awareness [5]- perception [12]

The Shredder Bat is known to frequent a variety of habitats: mountains, plains, forests, tropical jungles and even wasteland areas. Several distinct species are part of the shredder bat family, but aside from the relatively rare snow shredder bat, they are almost never encountered in frigid climates. Most of the shredder bat species go into hibernation during colder seasons.

Shredder bats are pack animals known to achieve wingspans nearly a meter across. They often are found in packs of 20 or more bats. Reports of packs numbering in the hundreds have been reported but these are considered wild tales.

These creatures are efficient hunters: their incredibly sensitive hearing can pinpoint living creatures from several kilometers away. Using this hearing, they dive in on the normally unsuspecting prey, and inflict a devastating attack with their extended fangs on the target's coronary artery. The sharpness of the fangs, combined with the velocity of the dive, often results in an instant kill for the attacking bat, which will then extend its tube-like tongue to draw in the victim's blood, which it uses for nourishment.

Shredder bats rely almost entirely upon their sense of hearing, having no eyes. In addition to pronounced ears, shredder bat foreheads have a series of hearing organs, each subtly attuned for different pitches. Shredder bats also have a series of hearing organs on their necks and between the ears. Their brains form a composite image of the world around them-often giving them more precise perception than creatures with fully developed vision.

Found in the Creatures of the Galaxy (for the SW RPG).

Conversion by Derek (with some additional text plagiarised by Brutorz Bill)