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Sea Lillies

STR 1 INT 1 (an. d2)

DEX d3 WIL d2

CON d2 PER 1 (an. 1)

dur as CON AC see below

Mov. 0 # act. see below

RS see below


Mass attack 12/6/3 d3w/dd4+1w/d4+3w (LI/O)

Defenses armor d2 (LI/O), d2-1 (HI/O), d2 (En) (see below)

+2 vs melee

+1 vs ranged

Skills Awareness

Desc Sea lilies are cousins to starfish. They have a base developed to hold strongly onto the bottom in the body of water they dwell (it looks like worms attached to a root). Attached to this are dozens of "arms"

covered in fine hairs, used to catch food. Some species have evolved to survive in freshwater, and most of those developed a mass attack to consume large prey.

Cmbt Anything wandering through a sea lily patch to attacked once per phase using an enzymatic approach. If the person is moving, treat every square meter as a single patch. And they do grow up to the waters edge, so anyone reaching in the water is also attacked. Their defenses are based on the fact that they are submerged; if they are brought up on land, they have no armor and are totally defenseless (-4 to ranged and melee attacks).

Hab/Soc Sea lilies dwell in any fairly unpolluted body of water all over the planet. Most intelligent creatures who enounter sea lilies think of them as dangerous plants and avoid them. A very few might farm them as delicacies.

Biome fresh or salt water

Encounter chance possible

Group size 2-5 patches (at 20-50/patch)

Org patch

Niche low level carnivore/scavenger

IQ low order animal